Anime & Manga Thread v.6.0 Crunchyroll Sucks Now, Come Back Funimation! Come Back!




Go watch S2 of Mob Psycho you sad lifers.


Its out? Oh shit


I await more episodes so I binge. If I see a few and get hooked that would just add more stress in my life awaiting the next release.


Well thats what Im doing with Index S3 now. Shits so convoluted for non novel readers.


Just found out Kalafina disbanded like half a year ago (shit was already in motion this time last year).

They were one of my favourite musical groups. The 10 years that they were together felt lighting quick, but boy were they godly as fuck. I don’t think we’ll ever see anything quite as special as them ever again. Mother Fucking RIP.


Relatively? It’s not even in the same atmosphere of fucked upness like berserk or gantz




Been watching How Not to Summon a Demon Lord and been liking it. I may pick up the manga sometime down the road.

Speaking of manga, Astro Boy Omnibus vol. 4 and Vol. 7 arrived and I’ve got vol. 5-6 arriving tomorrow, which will complete my Astro Boy manga.

Picked up One Punch-Man vol. 15. Garo got bodied by a furry. Nice.



Man more City Hunter. So cool. The one man who truely does it all for the nookie.


I like this Sirius the jaeger. Original anime on netflix.


Re-watching this classic. Searching for the samurai who smells like sunflowers.






hi fuckers