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Anyone watching the Legend of Galactic Heroes remake? I have to ask about a scene in the most recent episode.

Did Yang always have the scene where he refused to stand or was that new? Almost everything of this new show reminds me of the original but that scene.


I’ve just been using Prime, which I got recently.


new macross anime coming this year!!!

Macross Gets New TV Anime in 2018, 35th Anniversary Project


I hope it’s better than Delta was. I didn’t even finish it


Yeah you didn’t miss much by not finishing Delta. Music wasn’t even that good.


Been watching Megalo Box and I’m liking it. Definitely worth the watch.


Megalo Box is the new hotness. It’s so good.
edit: Actually just got done watching the newest episode of megalo box. shit got dark real quick but man what a good episode.

i knew the guy would end up being a former student of Nanbu but i had no idea the dude was former military, suffers from ptsd and lost his legs. shit was intense. it made the intro make a lot more sense.

next episide should be really good. it makes Fridays bearable since i work thursday-sunday.


Once I catch up on my manga backlog, I’m thinking Bakuman will be my next one. It’s finished at 20 volumes so another short series to hop into.


bakuman is GODLIKE!


With my next paycheck I plan on picking up a bunch of manga.

All of sailor moon, slam dunk and eye shield 21. Picking up what’s out of Kobiyashis Dragon maid was well.


it depends how close your locker is to you.
my locker is only 2 blocks away.
why use amazon locker?
some few occasions the post office will misdeliver your mailbox package and put it into someone else’s mailbox. which most times will then get stolen since there is no proof you didnt recieve it since the post office worker will mark it as delivered when it really wasnt.
huge fucking hassle.
another reason is you dont have to spend the entire day waiting for the post office to knock on your door. which can be anytime between 9am to 7pm which is exhausting to have to not use anything. stereo or tv with the volume down. to hear the knock. sometimes youll wait all day and they dont deliver and you still got to go to the post office to pick up.
no damn long ass post office lines!
amazon locker is the greatest invention ever made.
it gets delivered and i just trek about as far as the post office distance-wise.
but no long ass slow as snails annoying lines. no hassle. just input the 6 digit number and 2 seconds later. the slot door opens. and you break out. its so much damn faster and hassle free.
oh and you can pick it up anytime including 4am. picking up at the post office has a time limit of course.
only thing better than amazon locker is their drones.
but i live in the city not rural. but if i did i think i’d use the drones without question. even less of a hassle.


Denpa-teki na Kanojo

why does this anime have a 7.7 rating on MAL?

lol, i must be missing something. especially ep2, it felt more like a troll than a serious thriller


Just bought all the land of he lustrous manga new rumors of S2


hes baaaaaaaaaaaaaack, trololololol

Tentative Title, Launch Date Revealed for New Manga by Fuuka’s Kouji Seo

not going to lie, i didnt even know fuuka ended, i stopped paying attention to this man.


I dropped after a while probably one of his worst works that I’ve read from him everything felt too forced with the drama. I read some of the last chapter and it got borderline ridiculous.


This season has two of the weirdest shows I’ve seen in a while from an arc perspective. Hinamatsuri starts off about girls with psychic powers and has evolved into a slice of life while touching on homelessness and keeping ones side gigs on down low. Amanchu Advance on the other hand starts off (picking up from the first season) about a scuba diving club and has, more or less, gone of the deep end ( -_- ) with regards to its handle on reality. I feel like the former handled the transition more naturally than the latter. Anyone else watching either or both of these shows?


You should stop watching trash and watch megalo box.


Hinamatsuri isn’t trash, it’s a fucking comedy gold mine lol


You got shitty taste Stu. Hinamatsuri is amazing. It’s my favorite show of the season.


There must be some special type of masochists in Japan that get off reading this guy"s works.