Anime & Manga Thread v.6.0 Crunchyroll Sucks Now, Come Back Funimation! Come Back!


same here. I really like both so far.


Those shows are great. They’re both wholesome and have tiddy. :smirk:


Harukana Receive is more about the ass. Bless that show for it.


Harukana Receive does everything right.

On the other hand there’s the new Shokugeki No Soma chapter and I can’t even read it as a guilty pleasure any longer. The last arc was too long and not that good and the latest chapter hints into an even worse direction? Maybe will catch up once per year but nope, begone for now.


Comedy shows are pretty good this season. From what I’m watching best to worst,

Grand Blue
Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro
Asobi Asobase
Back Street Girls (same level as Asobi Asobase)
Jashin-chan Dropkick

Also Netflix is getting too many damn anime from this season.


Harukana Receive is a great show. :pray:


How does Harukana Receive and Hanebado compare to something like Haikyuu?

I know both anime has its share of fan service, but apart from that is it as exiting to watch as it was Haikyuu?

Haikyuu is my favorite sport anime and one of my favorite animes of all time.


Haikyuu is just more of the typical shounen sports manga full of action. The next exciting thing to look forward to is probably Hinomaru-Zumou next season. Sumo.

Harukana & Hanebado! are just cute girls doing cute stuff, which is fine, too. But hype? Meh.


Hanebado is too melodramatic to say it’s cute girls doing cute things. The drama runs thick from the get go.


I don’t know about the anime, but the Haikyuu manga is EXCEPTIONAL in it’s ability to portray action and emotion beyond just “typical”. It’s among the greats like Slam Dunk. If the anime doesn’t portray that, then yeah, that’s a shame.


I think the haikyu anime does a good job at portraying the action, emotion and drama. I stay current on the manga and knew the outcome of the inter high before hand but was still hype throughout the anime. It’s so good.


harukana recieve, got to add this to my plan to watch list now.


Yeah Hanebado isn’t a “cute girls doing cute things” type show. First two episodes pretty much focused on Nagisa’s drive and resolve to become better at the sport in a very serious manner. The show is pretty serious, despite the mostly female cast. Harukana Receive is far less serious but a good mix of cuteness and sports… and butts.


Especially butts.


Any of you weebs going to EVO? I’ll be going for the first time and would enjoy meeting anyone heading to Vegas.



I love Sengoku Basara and all but no thanks.



The heart means “LOL”.


Servisuu servisuu!