Anime & Manga Thread v.6.0 Crunchyroll Sucks Now, Come Back Funimation! Come Back!


Funimation’s official channel on youtube has entire seasons of their animes up on youtube.
like ergo proxy and the count of monte cristo. which im watching again.



My favorites of the season so far are Revue Starlight and Cells at Work.

The former has some great animation and music with some very obvious Utena/Penguindrum influences. The director was confirmed to have worked under Ikuhara.

The latter is sort of like an educational dark comedy that humanizes the various cells in the body while putting the body through situations like scrapes and diseases.

Honorable mentions to Harukana Receive, Sunoharasou, and Isekai Maou for providing the fanservice while not being totally unwatchable trash.



RIP Mikuru. Tentacle monsters love bunny girls.


…what did I just watch?


You watched a Russian Haruhi AMV


High Score Girl eps 3 wasn’t what I signed up for. Fuk.


anyone know of any anime that is as stunning or distinct in style as Gankutsuou?


The animation quality this season for AoT is absolutely superb and I’m loving the opening theme as well. The action scenes with Levi are just amazing, I’ve watched and re-watched episode 2 “Pain” a lot already. I’m excited for how they are pacing this current arc; it’s kinda brisk.


in case no one saw this already, blade runner 2022 short anime film made to explain the black out before blade runner 2049.
it has lovely animation.


Check out
Red Line

Ninja Slayer


Tatami galaxy

Dead leaves

And definitely Bible Black. Can’t go wrong with Bible Black.


Redline :lawd:


i have dead leaves and redline in my film library…forgot about ninja slayer, i’ll look into the others you posted thanks.


Good stuff, props homie


this is pretty cool :o


Fucking finally. Wit studio sure to deliver on the animation side, hype for this


Airs Oct. 5


Wow does watching the PV remind me of how long it’s been since I’ve watched this series. Spent most of it trying to remember who that various characters were.


I just looked it up and episode one of season 1 aired Oct. 4th 2008, so they’ll be celebrating their 10th anniversary.