Anime & Manga Thread v.6.0 Crunchyroll Sucks Now, Come Back Funimation! Come Back!


Comiket 94 was this weekend and that’s always great.

Also One Punch Man S2 to air in April 2019

Garou in the visual wut


Can’t wait for season two of OPM.


High Score Girl Eps 4 and 5.

This set up is definitely not going to end well at all. What a shitshow, fuk.


If there’s any Justice in the world Ono will win because she is best girl. The new girl is a flat character.


Viz on twitch is showing all of JoJo Bizarre adventure Parts 1-4. Good times ahead!

Aug 13

Aug 14–15

Aug 16–Aug 21

Aug 21–Aug 25


lol its not exactly hard to realise that everyone else is shit outta luck save for the main girl. The signs are damn clear that this new girl is gonna be in for a shit time.

I think they’re all gonna play games eventually with each other and I just want her to keep scrubbing out wins over them all. Realistically, thats her only saving grace that she has to look forward to.




So High School DxD showed up on the front page when I was checking out Hulu a few weeks ago. Knowing nothing about the show I decided to give the first few episodes a watch. Boobs, boobs, boobs, BOOBS. That is to say, boobs are the hook to lure the audience in. The main character is a total pervert, but he’s my favorite pervert in anime as he’s genuinely a good guy and there’s more to him than that. Unlike a lot of other harem animes, the girls are the ones initiating the sticky situations. And man, these girls are thirsty AF for Issei.


There’s actually some really good action too lol


JoJo references when I least expect it



Attack on T just keeps getting better and better. Alot has been revealed these last couple eps. Still dont understand wtf is going on and why anyone invented titans. instead of just getting rid of em. or maybe like the show says, the king called the titans “peace” i’ll assume by bringing the races and nations together under one flag. or in this case behind one wall.
the one thing that doesnt make sense is why have a weapon or any enemy that…unstable hard to control. even if historia’s sis could control titans with her voice like eren now has her power…see how unreliable of being able to control titans are?

anywho, any thread title suggestions?


Kancolle vs Azur Lane




Cant get more bad ass than Geese Howard, blonde Mbison and Walter White


I’ll probably try out Azur Lane once I get a new phone (whenever that is), being stuck with a 16gb iphone limits what I can download (had to delete a decent amount just to install Girls Front Line). Although Kancolle will always be number 1 in my heart when it comes to boatsluts.


Been reading Yu Yu Hakusho for the first time. Entertaining read, up to Vol.9 right now (for anyone whose only watched the anime it’s the Dark Tournament Arc). When I started and finished Vol.1 I was wondering how this would turn into an action series.


Text: Azur Lane’s New Project
Text: Director: Tensho ( Kinmoza!, The Fruit of Grisaia )
Text: Series Script Supervision: Jin Haganeya (Demonbane, Kamen Rider Gaim )
Text: To a new naval battle (epic).
Text: Azur Lane
Text: TV Anime Adaptation Green-Lit
Text: Director: Tensho
Text: Series Script Supervision: Jin Haganeya
Text: Animation Production: Bibury Animation Studio


Been waiting for the new Steins Gate to get close to ending so I can binge it. Anyone keeping up? What do people think of it?