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The anime will feature the same cast as an earlier drama CD adaptation:




One punch man manga needs to hurry the hell up to Saitamas beasting. No one gives a shit what all the other heroes are doing although atomic samurai was pretty bad ass lol


Every game has to have a loser and a winner, shit sucks T_T


AoT season 3 is a split cour, confirmed via Isayama himself!
OrganicDinosaur (@OrganicDinosaur) Tweeted:
Here is Isayama’s backpage author comment from this month’s BSM: “The first-half of the anime’s 3rd season was the best! For the time being, thank you for all the hardwork!”


Accelerator anime confirmed just now at Dengeki event.

And Railgun season 3.


Kill all goblins


Been waiting for a third season of Railgun for years. Glad to see it finally happen.


I don’t know about Accelerator since I don’t read that, but Railgun s3(Railgun D?) is going to be the shit… if the director doesn’t waste half the season on filler about the girls buying rice cookers and baking cakes and shit.

Oh yeah, there’s one more announcement after Index III ends. They told us to have “high expectations”. This was before Railgun s3 and Accel anime were confirmed. If they announce Index New Testament or Astral Buddy I’m going to flip.


I wonder will I be twelve or thirteen episodes. I want to say they might stretch out episodes and if they do I believe the season will end with the Goblin horde/army that is trying to attack the farm his childhood friend resides.


My sources are saying 12. I wonder if they are following the manga or the LN. If it’s the manga then they already cut stuff and the first episode covered the first two chapters. I also think they’ll end with the goblin army, that ends at like Ch15. Pacing will probably be odd, but I’m liking the adaptation so far.


Rip and tear. Until it is done.


I’ve never seen an LN adaptation that adapted and adaptation. I’m sure it’ll be based on the LN itself first and foremost





The hate for Goblin Slayer on Twitter is hilarious.


Let me guess, people are complaining it’s to graphic? The goblin rape was to intense for them