Anime & Manga Thread v.6.0 Crunchyroll Sucks Now, Come Back Funimation! Come Back!


That is amazing in more ways than one lol



my favorite part about goblin slayer is watching people freak out and complain. those people shouldn’t even worry soon they will get the generic adventure they crave.


It’s not the absence of things they like. It’s the existence of things they don’t like.


yea but if the goblins weren’t horrible serial rapist/killers they would just be every other fantasy creature.


The issue isn’t really just the rape. Berserk had that ages ago and caused less of a stink. The problem people have is the context I think. Like, yeah, the Eclipse is shocking, but it earned that shit. Goblin Slayer is just going with the shock factor right away which just cheapens the overall tone. I mean, what I like about Slayer is moreso the professionalism with which the main character hunts. It’s a bit like the Witcher concept honestly. But having moe-ish character designs and then fucking them over with little in the way of tonal hints isn’t good writing, it’s just shock value. Like, you can make impactful dark fantasy without being cheap, as we all know from Berserk


i see thanks for shedding some light on the subject.


Love live is hardly normie. Thatd be one piece, naruto, dragonball tier.


That’s part of the joke I’m pretty sure. It’s making fun of both figurative people


Speaking of Goblin Slayer, I made a thing.

Link to YouTube version in the replies.



Not an edit :-o



Direct links don’t work, you baka. Reupload it.


I think i’ll pick up zombieland saga now, too. Mappa always delivers.


The rap battle in episode 2 sold me on Zombieland Saga.


tfw you check what’s hot this season and people watch Goblin Slayer and SAO. Anime is dead.

Now I only need Grashros as an anime and my life is complete.


Wit Studio, you clever bunch of sonuvabitches managed to stick in some OG Ringu-type shit in that AoT episode and I fucking love you for it.



BFG…oblin Slayer!