Anime music vid with the anime's ost


I didn’t create the videos but I just replaced it with the music from the anime to give them more of their original anime feeling instead of all that other stuff the majority of vids use. I think it’s a great way to get someone interested in watching said series.

Naruto Gai vs Kisame

One piece - Kizaru


one piece aokiji

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

edit I will try to upload sasuke vs 8 tails some other time


I have created a fullmetal alchemist brotherhood amv to get people interested note it does have some major spoilers. If you have a friend who did not watch the show this could be a great way to get them interested.

Fma tribute 2

author:Hiromu Arakawa
composer: akira senju

this is a Fairy Tail amv I found that has a similar style. note: Fairy Tail is like the next bleach, one piece, naruto a shonen anime.

fairy tail vs phantom

author:Hiro Mashima
composer: Takanashi Yasuharu

Fairy Tail clips
lisanna death

mirajane vs freed hd

ost sample
Erza theme

akuma deliora

Fairy Tail main theme