Anime North


Anime North will be on Victoria Day weekend this year May 21-23.

The whole UDON crew in Toronto will be attending. Come get your books signed, get sketches, and back up back issues of UDON books.


ahhhh your going north but not to ENGLAND are you… ARE YOU


you guys goin to otakon. Cause if you do imma like be so f-in hyped.


sweet! another signing!!! :smiley:


Hey Erik! Just wondering when and what time you guys will be appearing at Anime North?

all three days, or on just one of those days?

Thanx~! :slight_smile:


I will be there all 3 days.
Friday Andrew Hau with Omar Dogan will be there.
Sat afternoon will be Alvin Lee
Sunday will be Arnold Tsang

Ken Siu-CHong will be there too but not sure which exact days.


okie pokie! thanks Erik!



#1 - no one is paying us to go to England…

#2 - Anime North is local and other than one weekend, it does not cost us much to attend…

yeah, it is all about budgeting and scheduling…