Anime's with good character development?


Bit of an odd question. But im starting to get into watching entire series’ from the beginning, as opposed to just catching whatever on Adult Swim.

I recently finished Full Metal Alchemist. I was slightly disappointed that Ed and Al were still bitches, all the way up until the final episode. Its the little things that irk me, like why by episode 51 you couldnt see an ounce of maturity or evolution in the dimensions of either character. Wasnt he damn near 17 at the end, still whining like a pre-pubescent child?

Right now im working my way through Samurai Champloo, and episode 16 so far Mugen is still an asshole to Fuu for no apparent reason. Jin is your stereotypical stoic soft spoken swordsman, so I can understand that. And Mugen is also the typical hothead, but they still treat her like pure shit. You’d think they would get tired of her bitching, and after they went through her diary and read


that she felt it may have been a mistake to embark on a journey with them because they didnt seem to care much about her

that then, of all times would have been a perfect turnaround point for them to open up and be a little more friendly to her, I mean, this is almost halfway through the entire series now.

Needless to say, I’m not feeling “full” at the end of these episodes.

I have Paranoia Agent and Death Note queued up as soon as I finish SC, but if theres anything better I should be watching, please lemme know.

Inuyasha, DBZ and Naruto are completely out of the question.


If you can’t see what changes ed and all went through I don’t think you’re going to get much out of any other series to be honest about it


Im sorry, but I crammed 4 seasons in about 8 days and I didnt see one ounce of change. Lots of crying and screaming, but not a lot of change.

I didnt get why there was so much second guessing. Do you want to perform the human transmutation or not? When they found out what it took to create red stones, then further pursuing that goal was ultimately going to lead them to do just that. So when that all happens, they are just as reluctant as ever. It was very confusing, personally. It was like they wanted their bodies back, but not at the cost of what it took. And that stretched out for almost 30 episodes.

Im just curious as to what other series there are that are really big on this element that I find lacking in many animes.


whats wrong with the anime thread again

also you should drop paranoia agent and death note

they are bad shows


A good amount of the people in the ANIME THREAD actually watch character development heavy stuff. Just saying.

Anyway, off the top of my head:
Toshokan Sensou
Eureka 7
Phantom Memory Kurau
Kara no Kyoukai movies
Seirei no Moribito
Kaleido Star

As for FMA, you should check out the JUST recently finished manga. The anime diverted about halfway through the show and became something else, something weaker, entirely.


dragon ball z clearly.


My favorite anime, which other people don’t like, all more or less qualify:

.hack//SIGN (especially this one)
Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Armored Trooper VOTOMs


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It’s like “character development: the anime.”


Well there was no point in me searching for something I had no idea existed. My bad whodie.


I think you’re just not finding the right ones, they’re not that rare. It’s true that in a whole season of anime, there might only be one or two shows that excel in it, but that’s at least 4-8 shows a year and you don’t seem to watch anime THAT much from your posts so you shouldn’t run out any time soon just from searching.

that’s why you double check =P


More like Backstory: The anime.


Look, I’ll make sure to favorite the anime thread now. There was nothing to “double-check,” whatever that means.


That moral ambiguity in itself lends itself to good character development. I think there are a lot of subtleties here you’re just discarding out of hand. It’s not about some conventional line, from a to b to c, where you simply start off as X and end up as Y.He’s much more organic and human in that sense. I mean, you’re asking for good development and when it’s handed to you, you’re just tossing it back? If it’s confusing maybe you need to spend more time thinking about it.

The fact that he’s reluctant to perform the human transmutation is evidence of the fact that he’s coming to terms with the responsibility that such a huge power comes with, do you notice how frivolously he uses his powers at the beginning of the series? How cavalier and selfish his actions are? How he goes from feeling that the world owes him and his brother something to taking responsibility for his own actions, and refusing to let other people pay the price for his mistakes.

Very few anime series handle emotional issues with this much care. It’s not about ‘being a bitch’ or ‘crying and screaming’. These things in themselves are part of developing a strong and realistic character, given the context of the story. They’re being put through pretty traumatic events, and they’re reacting to them very honestly. Example:The fight with greed where he finally comes to grips with the fact that he’s going to have to genuinely kill someone in pursuit of his goals, was handled amazingly. No other series would have handled it this way, they would have shown him killing the guy without a thought, it would have just been another moment to show off some ‘cool’ skill or technique. In this fight he’s forced to do it, by a man who will not back down, being equally driven and motivated by reasons the viewer is genuinely sympathetic towards. In some ways Greed is also sacrificing himself, knowing that if Edward can be made to put conviction in his actions, and stop ‘playing around’ that he genuinely could become strong enough to take down Dante. It’s a scarring event for him, but he comes out of it with a determination that feels genuinely sincere, and is way more rewarding than most other anime I’ve seen.

That said: Cowboy Bebop, Spirited away, welcome to the NHK, FLCL, Death note, (the central two characters are well defined, but these are more like very good character portraits), Musishi, basically everything else if fluffy garbage.


ok, bad wording, but you said “you thought there was no reason to check”, check anyway. This is SRK, always check first, that’s all I meant lol


I thought Planetes was a good show with character development. Same goes for the first season of Darker than Black (and by that, I mean just don’t watch the second season) and Gankutsuou. All three shows come from completely different genres.

And I liked Death Note–character development though? Hmmm… no, not really.



hajime no ippo.

fist of the north star.

school days.


Have you seen the drill that shall pierce the heavens?


Well perhaps a better wording on my part should have been something along the lines of a more “mature” development process.

Granted it might have been a bit to take in for a 15 year old, but Edward had killed someone before he killed greed. He seemed more emotional killing a human puppet than he did killing an actual person, something he did much earlier on in the series, but we can agree to disagree.

I would just imagine that if you knew that your journey would revolve around the expenditure of human lives why not prepare yourself up unto the point. It was a lot of back n fourth with Ed and Al in my opinion. Especially when they were 2 seconds away from getting Als body back, and then Al of all people wants to persuade Ed to not do it, after all the shit they went through to get there. Its jut a bit of a “what the fuck” as a viewer.

In those respects, I actually like Samurai Champloo more in that when they kill theres no remorse, no emotions. You cant be a solider in the military afraid to pull the trigger. If Edward would have killed Wrath after he first appeared, it would have been much less of a hassle getting to Dante near the end, and Lust would have still been alive, seeing as she was the only homunculus with a real sense of human emotion.


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