Ankle Slicer Assist

I running a team with x-23 on anchor, and I am having difficulty getting her ankle slicer assist to hit otg.  Is there a trick, or do I need to hit it super early?

Need more information. Who are you using? Dorm? Tron?

At least with Dorm, if you want relaunches midscreen from her OTG you have to delay the s a tiny bit.

its because its not as instant as say Weskers otg so the timing for the call assist is more strict.

I’m running vergil/x23/strange, but I think I found the timing! Thanks!

helm breaker relaunches are easy, you mean from his air S. It’s not safe so I wouldn’t use it if I were you, but kept in combos it should be ok.

I use ankle slice to assist my Super Skrull corner combos.

If I call her after a rolling hook, ankle slice makes the tight timing for the stone smite follow up super easy.