Ann Arbor Assault Monthly #1: Full Screen Ultra Ann Arbor, Michigan 12/12/10


Ann Arbor Assault Monthly #1: Full Screen Ultra
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When: 4:00PM, Dec. 12th (second Sunday of every month)
Address: 525 East Liberty Street, free parking in the nearby parking structure on Sunday
City: Ann Arbor
State: Michigan
Venue fee: $5 (Spectators are free)

SSF4 Singles
Double elimination bracket
Best of 3 rounds, 3 games
Entry: $10 (goes to pot)
Caps at 36 players

SSF4 2v2 Teams
2 vs 2 single elimination
Best of 3 rounds, 3 games
Entry: $15 per team (goes to pot)
Caps at 16 teams

Tournament Rules and Notes:
Standard Selection default, Double Blind if any single player requests before both players sit down
Winning character locked
No programmable sticks, no turbo
Abuse of game breaking glitches or pausing the game may result in disqualification of current match
Contestants must be present within 10 minutes of being called
1st pays out 70%
2nd pays out 20%
3rd pays out 10%
Separate TVs for exhibitions and money matches
XBox 360 platform
Wash yo stank, its a basement venue with no windows

Some of you may be familiar with the Digital Ops monthly that used to be run by AaronS. He moved on to do the Michigan Ranbats, so here I am to take the reins. There has been some recent changes to the venue. They now sport a new set up that you'll have to come in to see.  Digital Ops still has a great interest in keeping a fighting game scene alive and running in Ann Arbor, so any suggestions you have when you come by will go under consideration.

**Signing up?**
You can register at any time at Digital Ops to guarantee your spot. If there is a demand for it, we will set up online registration.

**You stream now?**
If all goes well, we will be streaming, recording and uploading all finals, semi-finals and notable matches of interest. We have Rusteezy set to commentate along with a newcomer. Hopefully, they'll play well off of each other and you'll learn something in the process. The matches will be uploaded to a youtube channel shortly after the tournament and will be posted in this thread as well as the ones to follow.

After this year is over, we’ll be taking any input you guys have to make Digital Ops a better place for the fighting game scene.


why is there a cap


^ this. Lose the cap. Hope to make it out, though. Rusteezy on commentary should be hilarious.


Like the cap matters, our tourneys are a pretty steady 32 people.


More events for me to try to attend. Remember, if I make it… Rusty, help a brother out. You know I need to be in the booth like Clark Kent!


Freddie and I are gonna try and get out to this one too, carpool?


The cap is only due to the size of the venue, theres not a whole lot I can do about it. :frowning:

e: I want to stress that we will be enforcing the cap. If you want to register early to guarantee a spot, you can pay on site before the event. I would allow for paypal, but I don’t feel like I have everyone’s trust. Unless you guys really want it, I’ll hold off on that until January.


I think we might have had more than that down there before >.< I think we got 40-50 one time for the old monthy right after vanilla came out. But yeah, it shouldn’t be a big deal. I’ll be there


SSF4 only? ;_;

Also, does preregistering require paying? I ask because I’ve been to tourneys that did prereg without putting any money down and it always just leads to problems.


It would only make sense to require payment with preregistration.


I’m in a2 for the weekend. If anyone wants to give me their entry money at gameyard I can stop by ops on Sunday and prereg us all.


I could just take registrations when I come by on the 4th if you’re cool with that.


Is there any weekly events going on near A2?


looking forward to it.


Fine by me.
It’s a biweekly, bout half an hour-45 min away.


Yeah, but that hasn’t stopped ppl in the past so I don’t assume.


sick. see you all there, I think me and momo are gonna enter in the 2v2 but if not I’ll be available if anyone needs a teammate


I need a teammate too >.> I’ll see if Banana Ken wants to I guess. Team East Lansing


yo aaron momo just bailed on me if you want to team up for the 2v2. I’m a dhalsim player


I’m gonna see if some other people want to. If I can’t find anyone I’ll team with ya :slight_smile: