Ann Arbor Weekly 1

Results for week 1

The bracket image is attached here:

1: Alucard ($66.50)
2: Lady Machine ($19.00)
3: Cody ($9.50)
4: Grego
5: Jersh
5: KOH
7: AaronS
7: Yusuke
9: Kenta
9: 50/50
9: Sean
9: Bathe
13: Erik
13: Deedogg
13: personman
13: Time Cop
17: Sean F
17: James
17: Gabe

Thanks for running this aaron, I was surprised at how many people showed up for a weekly.

Ggs to Time Cop sorry I peaced you out bro
Yusuke you are the best fuerte in michigan keep it up

Aaron, let’s make this a ranbat from now on, because I was under the impression it was for some reason.

I’ll tally out the points using floe’s system.

1st Alucard 8 points
2nd Lady Machine 5 points
3rd Cody 4 points
4th Grego 3 points
5th KOH and Jersh 2 points
7th AaronS and Yusuke 1 point

Yeah, we were planning on ranking it. I just didn’t know the standard format for ranbats >.<

I guess that works. I’ll put up a little leaderboard on the Ann Arbor Weeklies and DoM4 threads.

i placed 13th not bad for a person that never went to a tourney (other than that gs one lol) but i have the finals footage. ima upload it when i get home from work.

Awesome, thanks for taping it.

Awesome tournament. I think I like these one game tournaments better, maybe just because it was more organized and ran smoothly.

Too bad my only loses were to people I play regularly.

50/50 that bison was pretty mean. I don’t think I beat you once in casuals.

We got to play a some ROSEBALL which was awesome.

haha, KOH & Jersh have 5th on LOCKDOWN.
Good shit to all the placer!
See you guys at Crow’s next week.

Bum basherz fo tha win

I’d just like to point out that the whole top 6 was Balrog and Sagat.


Good matches to all I played. Lions, Tigers, and ROGs…OH MY! Good shit twan. I need chu doe my dude so keep ROG fresh. Yuske ur furete is good. Shawn plays him to u guys should meet. Ugh! 9th…aint nothing to even say bout dat.

Good games to all. These tournies are a real eye-opener: I need to get better.

Yea after the tourney i got a lot of games in. I was gonna use another system. I didnt know floe had one. Aaron look for a pm from me.

LadyMachine for reel though$#@ The only nig I know that plays…well never and still reps. Unreal%$#FV Good shit my niggah!

Hey Satisfaction you promised to show me some sweet tricks with Blanka. My xbox live name is oocks, look me up if you want to do some matches.

Ops dude I dont have an xbox, but next time we meet pull me to the side, and we’ll game then. I know some good blanka tricks.