Ann Coulter - USA's Ambassador for the Stupid


“I’ve held off on writing about soccer for a decade – or about the length of the average soccer game – so as not to offend anyone. But enough is enough. Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation’s moral decay.”

I dont even know where to start. How are people like this even able to have their voices heard? Whats going on down there Murica?


Freedom of speech man.

Dont worry, we dont like her either.


Thanks to the Boondocks, I am now more convinced than ever that she only says that retarded shit because it gets her screen time and money.

I bet she secretly drinks 40s and has a boyfriend named Ramon, with whom she travels to futbol games with.


Ann Coulter is like Skip Bayless but surprisingly she doesn’t like Skip herself


You mean Nancy Grace isn’t the ambassador of stupidity?


In Murica, everything is colored by the lens of silly politics. How the hell did soccer became a `democrat’ game anyway


I’ll preface this post by first saying that I don’t find myself agreeing with Ann Coulter very often. My only comment is this: I take great joy in liberals/feminist hate for Ann. She is EXACTLY what liberals and feminists want from a woman…she is opinionated, bold, successful, and isn’t defined by men…her political affiliation trips them up and makes their blood boil. So suck on that shit

EDIT: I read the article. It’s fucking funny as hell


Why the fuck make a thread for this? She’s a mouthpiece hoping to stay relevant by attacking anything she possibly can. If you stop paying attention to her, she’ll go away.


Don’t spam that retard’s website. Not thread worthy at all.


You’ve done a great job at promoting her blog though.


I don’t think many liberals are wracked with cognitive dissonance over coulter, bachman, or any other conservative female provocateur. A rich white woman being politically conservative isn’t as shocking as you make it out to be. I’d like to think people of any political persuasion would encourage women to be bold, successful and free to express their opinions.



I find this amusing. Not implying anything.


CJ Werleman once said something to the effect of “I’d call you a cunt but you lack one’s depth and warmth” to Coulter on Twitter.

It seems apt.


Pff. You know he hits it from the back while he demands she calls him DayShawn.

Cannot stand this dog faced gremlin.


You guys do know that she is just a professional troll hired by the media to piss people off?


Way to get her page hits. That is all she wanted to come from this article and she nailed it.


Actually read the article.

Let’s see:

-bashed soccer for being boring

-bashed liberals; especially the women

-clowned on women’s basketball

-promoted football, basketball, and baseball

-claimed soccer isn’t a “real sport” as women and men can compete on a similar level, which isn’t true of real sports

Nope. No issue with this article B).





This Coulter bitch cant be for real, it reads off as satire. She at one point says black people dont like football cause the french do. wut?