Anna from the SFIII judges is older Decabre healed?


take a look at this thread:

and most important the pictures of the judges:

Anna looks a lot like Cammy…
Could it perhaps be an older Decabre healed and without the mask?

And that indian whoman looks like Dhalsim’s wife Sally…

And those chinese sisters - some ex Shadaloo-Dolls (Satsuki, Xiayu, Jianyu)?

Together with the black one (Santamu)…

Interesting theory,

But I’m pretty sure that most if not all of the dolls with the exception of Cammy died in Alpha 3 when the psycho drive was exploded.

They’re not linked with the dolls, Anna does look Russian though but how do you explain Fair Libra and Effie? The South Asian woman’s name is Lily, Dhalsim’s wife is called Sally.

No, all of the judges have names, bios, seperate entries in All About Capcom and All About Street Fighter III the Fighting Bible. Plus they were all created before SFZ3 came out.

The judges and countries they reside from are -

Lilly - India(looks like Dhalsim’s wife Sally but is not Sally - Sally has her own bio in AAC)
Toli - China
Tonfa - China(the one wearing the white China dress)
Julia - England(the blonde)
Anna: Russia (wears a fur coat and hat)
Fair Libra: America. She wears roller blades.
Rifa: China (Wears a blue Chinese dress)
Effie: Russia (Necro’s girlfriend)

All seperate characters, none of them are anyone else in the SF world, with the exception of Effie of course who is Necro’s girlfriend.

Where would we be without Sano?