Anniversary Collection Strategy Guide Download: IT HAS EVERYONE'S 3S FRAME DATA!


It’s free!
This should help a lot with the wiki, as it includes everyone’s frame data, combos, etc.
(Strategy Guide) Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Strategy Guide [PDF] [Archive] - SnesOrama Emulation Community
This is for scans of the official Prima guide from mm, 6-7 years ago (dang time flies).

New 3rd Strike Empire Site
New 3rd Strike Empire Site

To vouch for this guy, this guide is the best executed 3S guide I’ve ever read in my life(came across it a few days ago)… they even go over shit like kara palm, charge partitioning, demon buffers, all kinds of shit lol…

There is another scan of it located here, right click download link and click save link as(firefox), this guide works for any and all levels of plays although I would recommend most for an intermediate player(beginners would most likely be lost imo although it could help them tooshrugs)


Wow, this guide is awesome. I might just buy it.


Thanks for the link. My friend used to have this and I would go hide myself in a corner of his house studying this thing lol.


This is what I used to get into 3S back in 2004. Still have it and it’s in near-perfect condition. Best strategy guide ever.


It’s in near perfect condition cause you gave up on the game for having parries.




Wow, someone’s a little salty.

No, it’s in near-perfect condition because I always took really damned good care of that manual due to how good it was.

I was playing 3S daily until IV came out, man, and I still prefer 3S to IV. The only reason I play IV is because that’s where the comp is now.


I have a copy of this that’s all beat up because I used it everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

I would be taking a shit and I’d pull it out. One time I even ran out of toilet paper and used the page with wizards name on it.

A few times my friends dropped some juiceon my floor and I had to use the ST section.

Yours is in near perfect condition because you suck and stopped using it. Everyone knows that, you don’t have to convince anyone otherwise.


You know, after teaching, grading and tutoring for almost 11 hours today, I’m so tired that I almost didn’t notice the sarcasm, there.


edit: damn I messed it up!

uhh…I lost my train of thought! FUCK


I dl both files and nothing shows


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Warning to all: while this guide is awesome (mine has almost completely fallen apart from years of memorizing frame data on the bus) many of the frames listed in this guide are incorrect. It’s 90% to 95% accurate but there are errors.
Also ignor all of the Geneijin combos listed in the guide they are dumb.




Why isn’t this linked in the other thread you made and then bumped repeatedly?

Wouldn’t that make more sense than bumping this?


Sweet, thanks for posting that. Can’t wait to pore over this!


Sweet, thanks for posting that. Can’t wait to pore over this!


I’ve had this guide since the day it came out, it taught me just about everything I know about 3S (which isn’t much to brag about to be honest but still). I just wish I could find the 3S soundtrack cd that came with it.