Anniversary Edition secret moves/characters

Does any one know if you can perform the invisible throw, hand cuffs and the golden stance with world warrior Guile.

Like wise, can you unlock/fight Akuma. I love his ssf2 turbo sprite.

Akuma is playable. it’s just the old ST code; pick ST, sit 2 seconds each on Ryu T.Hawk Guile Cammy. go back to Ryu for 2 seconds, hit (hold?) start, then all 3 punches. u can also sit on Ryu for 1 second, sit on anyone else for 1 second and hit start > PPP.

i’d like to know about the WW Guile glitches myself…

The gltches have been taken out of WW
No Handcuffs no Super throw nothing. ReDizzys work I hear though.

Even Chun Li’s awesome Stored super glitch has been removed. It wasn’t removed for GBA!

Though I heard it through the grape vine that there is a simple code to get the gltches back in Super Turbo.


i’ve heard about 6 chun lis being selectable on HSF
ST Old
ST New
ST New 2?

afaik ST Old is selectable by holdign start while selecting Super (as for all other ST Old characters); how is Chun li 2 selectable?

are there any other chars that have more than 5 versions?

I know u can fight againts Akuma in the arcade. He comes out and kills bison before the match. I don’t know what you need to do tho.

Is this possible in HSF?

it’s still in the AE version. highlight the ST Chun li, hold start, press any button…you’ll here a “yatta!” or Capcom sound (i think…). voila’! stored super all over again…:slight_smile: