ANNOUNCEMENT: Pownz e-Sports Championships 2010


Evening members of the SRK community,

I am here to deliver an important message today to be made public regarding our Canadian e-Sports Championship.

Glory, fame and fortune. When we first came with the idea of the e-Sports Championship, we knew these were the elements we wanted the competition to embody. So with countless effort, we have made a breakthrough in at least one of those areas.

Today’s announcement is focusing on: Fame

This is why I am proud to welcome aboard the Pownz e-Sports Championships media sponsor G4 Canada. For those of who are unaware, G4 Canada is one of Canada’s top gadget, gaming, tech dedicated stations. Their participation will mean they will work with Pownz to bring more attention, as well as after event recognition to players. You will begin seeing a larger amount of their presence in our events as we get closer to the championship, starting with this Saturday (swag for people).

Electric playground may also be making an appearance to cover part of the Championship final event on their show. (details still forthcoming )

This partnership is a starting in-road to newer and bigger things developing in regards to moving our community forward.

As always, accomplishments are made possible by the dedicated and hardworking members of the Pownz team. We thank you , the community, for your continued support in our en devours.

Please look towards my announcement about the new e-Sports Championship’s Website going live very shortly.


This is so win, Drekken you’re the best



Everyone has to give Drekken a HUGE thanks. I’ve seen this guy work himself to death to try and make things happen for us. He deserves the respect of everyone here!



Wow, good stuff guys!!


Great job Chris.


I think Drekken won T11 because of this.


and T12


and 3-0 against JS Master with double taunt




This is amazing for Street Fighter fans. Being one since the SNES SFII, I can honestly say this will be a year for the record books for years to come.

Good stuff Drekken, your continued effort to make SF big will bring in the numbers and hidden fighters within this country.


Oh shit…

I bow down to you Drekken. This is FUCKING AMAZING!


Great stuff Chris, this is huge news for the community.

I can’t believe EP is still around, I remember watching it in the late 90s.


Sidebets on whether I can pick up Morgan Webb or not? :looney:

Naw, but seriously this is awesome.


Get Hype !


You deserve success, Chris, and Im so glad to see that things are beginning to happen for POWNZ. Well done dude, that’s brilliant!


Amazing! That’s huge, massive props for getting that organized!


Drekken, amazing stuff. You deserve all the success that is gonna come your way.


Congrats Drekken! I see good things coming from you and Vince to help improve Canada’s gaming scene. I look forward to hearing more about your successes! =)




Drekken / Chris!

Good stuff on the hard work! I look forward to see what is in store for the future of Canadian Fighting Games

(when I come out of retirement!)