Announcement: Rufus Option Select Thread COMING SOON!



Ok so, ive been working on this for a while, so my idea is to make this Option select thing because I think it IS good to understand what it is and how does it works, and surprisingly Rufus DOES have good option selects, so this thread will be coming soon.

so while I was writting the option selects, I though that maybe if I recorded them on video it would be easier for people who dont know about this, to understand. Problem is…my camera is shit, I recorded the Bipson option select, so, I want you to tell me if either I should get a new camera or just record them as they are, the choice is YOURS people.



USFIV Rufus Safe Jumps/Option Select?

sorry for my english :wonder:

i don’t see great problem with the cam, is perfect visible the setup


Thats awesome against bison but still not sure if i want U2 in that match. When you dive kick which way do you input the U2 OS? Do you input like you know your gonna cross or like your gonna land in front? sorry if that sounds confusing lol


You input it the normal way, because the divekick in that setupm doesnt crossup. The cpu auto-corrects it if bison goes to the other side.

pd: I think either ultra is fine vs him depending on what you want to do.

Sample 2:


BTW, please people I need your opinions so that I can continue…the forums are dead now and they need to revive!!!


I like the set-up on Cammy but what exactly is the OS here? Is it if you whiff you jump foreward?


Your current cam is just fine, no need to get a new one. Nice thread by the way! I’ll try to contribute a little.


The problem with that OS is that if he blocks you will totally loose your momentum since the divekick is very high, when I do the OS with dive kick with u2 I usually do them very low so I can continue the pressure if they block.

I usually “test” the bison player to decide what ultra to use, some bisons seem that NEVER like to block lol. U2 it´s gold against those kind of players (for now…fuck AE)


I’d be happy just knowing what option selects I can do and what I can beat with them. My knowledge of option selects is basically dive kick OS EX GT and dive kick OS U2.


The camera is fine man, I’m looking forward to this thread, should be really helpful.


exactly. And by using that setup, it will only whiff vs DP and ex spin knuckle, so the jump tracks her and you can j.HP her on your way down.

Sharin: yeah, reading the opponent is always important. But at least you get them to block your divekicks which is always good.

ok, thank you guys, I’ll get to work then, I already did the trickiest char to Option select (Bison) so the rest should be easy.


Cool that’s good to know but when you jump foreward at her after the OS can you punish or is it just a safe jump?


you can j.HP on your way down, and she will be still recovering from DP or ex knuckle. Rufus j.HP has massive range, so it shouldnt be a problem. You can also divekick whiff and sweep if you want.


I think I like the whiff and sweep that way you could just OS again.

Keep up the good work Diveman i will try to test out somethings myself but sadly i dont have a camera


you can j.HP into sweep for more dmg too.

If you want, PM me your findings and I’ll record them and give you credit

PD: also, as I think this EVO will have SSF4 and not AE, this is definitely worth learning (before U2 nerf) . Im also doing everything I can to go to EVO this year


Yah def hope to go to EVO as well this year so def gonna try to get these down


Does the divekick have to be timed really strict on the OS ultra 2 vs Bison? I either get two different outcomes when I test it against EX Psycho Crusher. One where I land in front of him and tag him with one hit and he falls out, or where I land behind him and he escapes.


If you OS correctly you should either stuff the psycho crusher with a dive kick or U2 if it whiffs


Definitely a helpful thread. Much appreciated!


more os’s please! i prolly wont be able to do them but at least i can say i tried


ok, vs Bison, if you did it correctly, the EX psycho should ALWAYS lose to the divekick or you did it wrong. Use the same timing as in that vid, aka delay the divekick a bit. This is because if he whiffs EX psycho, U2 doesnt punish or only hits once, that’s why I had some troubles doing this Os vs bison as I had to find a setup that beats EX psycho clean.

yeah those were the sample, Im working on a whole thread now, so give me a little time to write and record the OSs