Announcer Speculation Thread


Just made an account for this, has there been any description of the funded announcers? Some of them are sort of self explanatory.

FUNDED! $250,000: “Republican Double” by Kaiji Tang
FUNDED! $350,000: “Robo-Fortune” by Kimlinh Tran
FUNDED! $400,000: Female Announcer by Cristina Vee
FUNDED! $450,000: “Salty Parasoul” by Erin Fitzgerald
FUNDED! $500,000: “Drunk Commentator” by Joshua Tomar
FUNDED! $550,000: “Valley Girl Painwheel” by Danielle McRae
FUNDED! $600,000: “Saxploitation” by Rich Brown
FUNDED! $650,000: “Anime Peacock” by Sarah Williams
FUNDED! $700,000: “Real Soviet Announcer” by MikeZ

Have no idea what Republican Double entails.
Salty Parasoul I don’t know what that could be.
Valley Girl Painwheel, oh lord.
Don’t know what Saxploitation could be. Just chipping notes on a sax when you lose or playing a sexy sax riff when you win could be funny.
I just want Anime Peacock to say, "It- its not like I like you or anything… b- baka!"
Soviet Announcer from Mike. Yes.

Has there been any other details about what they’ll say or the voices? What do you think they’ll say it sound like?


Sorry this took ages… I posted this a week ago, it got caught by Spamfilter and noted as “Needs mod approval” and then I contacted a mod a few days later asking for my post to finally get approved and woohoo! The spamfilter is fucked up and apparently just eats posts… So here it is again…

Republican Double:

Salty Parasoul is Parasoul being snappy and insulting, possibly with bleeped out swear words

Valley Girl PW is PW being an annoying barbie

Saxploitation is a pun on Blaxploitation. How that would turn out in the game I don’t know either.
P.S. “Chipping notes on a sax, doing a sexy sax riff” etc is part of standard BigBand, no need for a voicepack on that :wink:

Anime Peacock are various references. I wanted her to say something specific during her Lvl3, but I forgot. Fuck this spamfilter shit.