Announcer thread

post things the announcer say in this thread

one thing he says is “You can feel the fear out there! It’s tangible!” he says this about 20 times per round. What else does he say?

“This could be the end!”

and some long funny quote about liking violence.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the ultimate street fighter!!!

“I don’t care what the critics say, violence is a beautiful thing!”

I LOVE the announcer. I just love it. My arcade is too loud to hear most of his lines coherently.

this guy gets to go into the top pantheon of announcers like the cvs2 announcer and the sfa3 announcer.

it actually seems like they tried to look at real game announcing and at least know where to interject generic quips.

i am loving this guy. needs to be a playable character!!! haha

" And the battle continues! " 2nd round

" Could the tide of battle turn?! " 2nd round

" there it is, the first hit, the scales are set " first hit

" it all comes down to this! " final round

" we’re in for an incredible fight. Which one of these two warriors will walk away a champion? " Vs screen

" it aint over till its over " during battle

" which one of these fighters will turn the tide in their favor? " during battle

" we have two great fighters lined up, this is gonna be one hell of a show! " Vs. screen

I know more, I just wanna let people put others up :rofl:


Oh, haha! That’s what he says?
I always wonder what he was trying to say there…

The volume is to low on our cab. But the Mshvsf annoucer was the upper echelon of annoucers.

I swear he says this

“the weak lose, and the strong win. which one of these fighters will prove the old axiom today?”

sooooo goood

The announcer also said " I love my voice soooo much and I love to annoying with my stupid voice"

Honestly Capcom, please have the option for the fan to turn him on or OFF when the game hit home.

lolol! Did he really say this!? Ahahahaha

You know, at first I really hated the announcer with a passion, but I think he has grown on me. I think I’d actually miss him if he was turned off now!

“Only the strong will win. Which of these two fighters will prove this axiom today?”

I don’t believe this announcer will ever get to be something I appreciate. As xjaden, I really hope the home versions have an option to turn him off. In fact I also wish they patch the game so arcade saloon owners can also disable him.

I simply can not understand what they were thinking. Perhaps the Japanese just don’t get it: have someone here seen a Pride (MMA) event? They got an announcer (Lenne Hardt) with the worst possible voice, screaming at the worst possible pitch and the worst possible pronunciation, it is just as bad as it can get.

That said, a few of the lines are not that bad. But he should at least shut up during matches.

Hes like a cooler version of the Power Stone announcer :rofl:

I love the “I don’t care what the critics say, violence is a beautiful thing!” quote, it had me rollin.

I like the announcer in the beginning of rounds but i simply cant hear him during the rounds. That would be great if he said something cool at the end of rounds and the whole battle!

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