Announcers for game matches?

I was just having this thought watching some GGXX #Reload vids, and remembering that last year, a random Japanese announcer was around for VF Evo.

Is there any chance where there can be an announcer for some of the games being played? It’d be interesting/odd/corny if an English person came in, while Japanese announcers are way more experienced in the matter.

What does everyone else think? It’s just a random thought. Of course, if there’s an English announcer, there’s a chance he’ll sound like the CvS2 guy.

“There is a calm before the storm as the round begins.” :o

I nominate JaHa.


I nominate the drunken pair of Shady and Clock.
or Justus

I nominate Deus.

Yea he was funny as hell.

thanks but im sure thats up to the cannons
prolly will be trag again though he did a good job

Michael Buffer or the WWE ring annoucer… she’s hott :lame:. Also, they should have there own entrance music, that’ll be sweet… with pyro n shit. :smiley:

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Im hella down to annouce again…Announcing at the 1st Nor Cal regional was too fun…not to mention running the brackets and playing…lol…so yeh if u need a hype announcer u know who to holla at…styay up Jeff1!!! Team Fresno!!!


man if you let me and bill go announce, evo will be the best shit ever.


i vote justus for announcer, he’s got the voice/accent down