Announcers on Fighting Game Vids

I noticed that one of the guys announcing in the Capcom-Unity stream last night sounds an awful lot like the guy announcing in that legendary video from EVO 2004 from the 3rd Strike matches.

I’d like to know who that is, as well as who the other guy announcing is. I know Gootecks’ voice and I also know Chris Hu’s voice, though i’ve only heard him announcing on one vid and want to see more.

So, to recap:

A.) Who are the announcers and which is which?
B.) Where can I hear more vids with them announcing and with Chris Hu announcing.

Thank y’all in advance, and have a good one!

That was most likely Seth Killian, if he sounded similar to the Evo2k4 vid.

Yes, it was indeed Seth Killian. Dunno who levelup got for commentator before he popped on. Lol @ the levelup commentator repeatedly calling sonic hurricane a sonic hurricane kick

was it james chen?

yeah it was James Chen who was commentating

sonic hurricane kick