Announcing the Uila S!


Just when you thought it wasn’t possible for LED buttons lighting to get any more interesting… Paradise Arcade Shop and Focus Attack have teamed up to bring you a new innovation in button lighting.

These lighting pads are designed specifically for seimitsu PS-14-KN buttons. Pricing and pictures available shortly.

Three models are available, all come with wires already soldered the base pcb.

Three models???
The Uila S Budget: Custom designed PCB with 2 bright white SM LED’s, 2 presoldered wires, for power and ground.
The Uila S RGB: Custom designed PCB with 2 RGB LEDS, 4 presoldered wires, common anode for power and three ground connections.

Figured out the new innovation? Introducing…
The Uila S Flash: Custom designed PCB with 4 LEDs (2 bright white, and 2 RGB) 5 soldered wires with common anode, with separate grounds for red, blue, green and white flash

These brand new LEDs will be available in the very near future!


Hmmmm, interesting.

This will work really well with the custom LED PCBs for custom patterns. Can’t wait to see some pics and video of these in action.


Hmm, someone needs to do a comparison test against the ArcEye when this comes out.


The Uila’s are already out for Ponyboy’s buttons and have been installed in a number of other buttons. These do have a few component improvements, already have wires and are specifically designed for Seimitsus. I think both products have their own place.


this thread needs pictures :smiley:


Still, we need a ridiculous Top Gear-esque comparison with inane, highly impractical “comparison tests.”

I suggest figuring out which works best as emergency disco lighting for when your crazy uncle who still thinks it’s the 80’s comes over.


hee hee, we can have the arc eye race a motorcycle


Pictures are coming soon. Unfortunately I am out of town, and the Uila S’s arrived at my house. I will have them and Seimitsu buttons for demonstration, Friday or Saturday.


Picture bump.


haha, will do :slight_smile: There are a couple of videos also, I’ll get them on here


Sorry about the bump but this seems most appropriate for this questions

I am debating on getting the Uila S vs Uila S Flash and I want to know what are the key features for both Uilas. I have a Sparky PWM and the FTDI Cable on the way and I’m wondering if the Uila S Flash is worth spending more money on

Is there a list of what both Uilas Can and Cannot do? Any help is appreciated thanks