Annoyances resulting from easy input

Simply put, the input windows for specials in TvC are too long. It leads to a lot of really annoying things. Not only are they too long, but there?s other oddities that I?ve noticed as well. I’d like to share some of these so that others can look out for them.

For starters:

294abc results in his 360 super every time. This means that he simply can?t SJ forward then IAD back. You can SJ back and IAD forward, but you have to make sure that your input is 275abc and not 276abc.

When executing his BnB 2a 5b 2b 5c 2c 6c xx 214c make sure the last set of inputs involving 2 are straight down and that you return to 5 after 6c (don’t do a half roll back). If you?re input is sloppy, you?ll get a shoryuken instead of the desired qcb, which is likely to make you fume and say somthing like “how does qcb result in a dragon upper?”.

If playing with Cashern as a partner, if you use her otg BnB (either from sweeps or from swing), you can call Cashern for extra hits while she’s charging or scrubbing, however, make sure you start recharging your super after you call the assist, because for some odd reason the game drops your charge when calling the assist. Obviously, to restart the charge, just return to neutral and hold back. I don?t know if this applies to any other charge moves, or just this super, but I tested it.

There?re a lot of odd things like this, mostly stemming from long input windows. Feel free to share any more oddities and annoyances stemming from input seeking. If this info is appreciated, I’ll share more annoyances and oddities as I find them.

Yeah I get Polimar’s 360 grab waaaaaaay too often when trying to just air dash. It’s really frustrating. I’m not sure why they had to go and put shortcuts in… there was never a problem before.

That’s the one that frustrates me the most. To avoid it, never IAD back if you SJ forward (that is, never 294abc. I tested this in practice mode. You will get the 360 every single time). After SJ forward, if you wish to backdash, force yourself to use 44 instead of 4abc. Make sure that when doing an IAD forward your input is 28abc, 29abc, or 175abc. Do not use 19abc as that will again make the super come out.

If you get that down, you won’t be throwing out his 360 in the air anymore.

It’s annoying to have to pay so close attention to your SJ input. I’m guessing that the input windows are so large to make doing the moves easier, but…

This has been happening a lot, so thanks for the heads up. The only way to prevent this from happening that I’ve found (sj forward, IAD back) facing left, 29 1+ABC

So all you have to do is hit down back to IAD backwards without the 360 super coming out.

That sounds more like sloppy execution than anything, 2 to 6 is used in tons of other games with the possibility of a hado, or shoryu (especially in SF4) but in TvC its not bad at all. I can see 294 being a 360, but seriously abc as dash? people shouldn’t use macros in the first place because of whatever reason, but having to use one for dash it just plain silly.

without ABC as dash you can’t airdash as low to the ground

hmmm i see, the idea of button dashes is just foreign to me, also especially since advance guard is the same input.

I used to have a problem where whenever I did 3C with Ippatsu he would rainball right after. Doesn’t make sense

Didn’t play MvC2? I can’t even immagine trying to triangle jump without command dashes. The thing that distinguishes the annoyances in TvC is the length of time the input windows seek. Seriously, going (with Ryu) 2c 6c 3214c results in dragon upper at the end of the combo. You can fix this by returning to neutral after 6c before qcb c and doing qcb instead of half roll back, but this particular sloppy input shouldn’t be a problem, and wouldn’t be if the input windows for specials weren’t so darn long.

With the Ryu example, from the input 2c 6c 3214c, the reason it nabs the dragon upper instead of the qcb is evident when you look for 263c in that input. Just eyeballing it, you can see how liberal the widows are. 263c buffers through two both 2c and 6c and since it came first the half roll back is completely ignored.

Try it out yourself. You’ll see what I’m saying. It’s very annoying when a shoryu comes out at the end of this string the first couple times, and it’s mind boggling to see it happen when you’ve just done a half roll back.

It’s just important to know that TvC’s means of grabbing inputs is extremely liberal, which can make things difficult (even though I’m sure it’s supposed to make things easy).

Thanks for this. I’ll probably stick with just not using SJ forward when I want to IAD back most of the time, and instead just SJ back, but it’s good to be able to switch things on the fly. Thanks.

What were you doing before 3c?

I’ve had similar problems, though it’s kinda the opposite. Whenever I do some move with C, the character immediately follows up with a neutral C move afterward. For example, with MegaMan often times when I weapon switch to drill in midair, he’ll immediately fire his buster afterward, messing up the combo. Or often right after I launch with MegaMan he’ll fire his buster, not allowing me to pursue in midair.

I’m not quite sure what the problem is here. Am I holding the button too long? Is it because I’m using a GC controller? Is it my fault or the game’s fault? I know I’ve had it happen with other fighting games before (such as 3s), but not nearly as much; it happens most often in TvC.

Charge moves charge too quickly, it takes too few inputs for mash moves to come out, and 360 grabs only require 6 inputs.

You have no idea how much this fucks with me.

So the shortcut motions weren’t in the JPN version but are in the US version?

Just bought the US version today, so I’ll probably mess around with it more soon.

Nevermind. Checked out the Instruction Booklet yesterday and there are indeed Shortcut Motions for all Specials/Supers.

i HATE the shortcut inputs. they really screw me up sometimes, especially with polymar. i really wish they weren’t in there or you could at least turn them off.

Dragon punch = 623 motion last time I checked…

You are probably doing a crouch move before that, then instead of going 3C ~ 8 for the jump cancel, doing 3C 698. i.e. 2C 3C 698 … The 236 plus whatever button you pushed next probably caused the rainball to come out.

360’s have only required 6 inputs in like every fighting game since SF2. The problem with Polimar’s air grab is that the air dash macro is the same button combo that activates supers.

I also thought it was strange when I randomly did polimars special shrugs

When you do 2A B 2B 2C with Frank-san and you get a roll instead of 2B

When I decide to cancel Blade’s air 2C with 214C, I randomly get (2)8 C. :frowning:

Yeah. I’ve noticed with characters with a 236 move if you perform a 3C and roll the stick up to 9 for the jump, it’ll instead go into the 236C, even if you only press C once. I thought it was because I was somehow accidentally pressing the button twice, but when I checked with input display, it was actually because it was counting a single input for two commands.