Annoying 360 dashboard popping up while performing 360 motions on a TE


Hi and sorry if this has already been discussed but I’m having a hard finding the right keywords to search for my problem on the internet.

Basically sometimes when I mash 360-like motions or even “deep” srk moves on my TE, it makes the xbox dashboard pop up… yes in the middle of an online match :smiley:

It also happens when I connect it on my PC, it’s like somehow the Home button is pressed by a secret combination of inputs both from the joystick and buttons… I didn’t worry too much about it at first because I thought “oh well I’m mashing so hard I might have hit that home button” but now I’m pretty sure I don’t and I remember reading some comments on Youtube from people also experiencing that issue.

Got any idea ?

PS : I never modded my TE and I’ve been owning it since 1 and a half year… getting old maybe, wires disconnecting somewhere ?


did you try enabling the lockswitch so it doesn’t happen?


I don’t know I never really paid attention to it, well yeah I could lock it while playing as a last resort…
I thought there would be more people knowing about the issue but it looks like I’m the only one to get that…

Thanks mortified