Annoying Corner Traps: Solution

We’ve all been there. Ken decides to go hella korean on you and just keeps throwing you in the corner mixed up with tick throws. You aren’t quite desperate enough to throw out a random EX uppercut. What should you do? Short chicken kick my friends. Oro can’t be thrown out of it since it automatically puts him in the air. If they whiff a throw or poke as you do short chicken, Oro will stomp them. If they do happen to block it, it’s random enough that they won’t see it coming, and it’s difficult for most characters to punish because Oro flies so far away. I had success using this in Texas Showdown 4 casual matches, and in matches here in Austin (One of which will go up later today :slight_smile: ).

Good stuff.

I await the matches.

EDIT: Good matches. Very entertaining.

Thanks for the info, good sir. :wink: I’d never thought of that before. New oro information always makes me happy. =)

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Another thing: I ve seen Jinrai (dont know exactly the spelling…:confused: ) Oro’s vid and I noticed the 100% unblockable with SAII.

I know it was simulated using the dreamcast but… does this really succeed in the arcade? Is there any “safe way” to escape from this trap?

Ive seen also (dont know if there is in Jinrai’s vid) an unblockable (?) like this: chicken combo ends with 2 close MP hit and Oro immediately throws an EX sun disc. After this the Oro player cross his opponnent over with MK stomp. Opponnent gets hit when he gets up from the floor and Oro starts another chicken combo.

Is that correct? Does it work? Is there any “safe way” to scape from this?


Perfectly timed, there is no way to get out of the 100% oro unblockable shown in Jinrai’s vid. If you’re a little sloppy with the timing, it may be possible to parry out, although it would be very difficult. The other unblockable you mentioned is not as good because if the other guy quickstands he gets out for fee.

It seems that that 100% unblockable is a very powerful tool then (i cant really tell cos i only play in DC). I mean, u have 2 (and maybe less) super bars and ur opponent is killed. But it must not be that good cos i think ppl still pick SAIII instead.

Does it need being at one special position on the screen to do it? Which are the drawbacks of it? Is that the only purpose of the super and it lacks then of versatility?


For most characters you only need one full bar of yagyou when you start the sequence to KO from full health. The downside of using SA2 is that your execution has to be flawless. You can’t screw up the chicken kick, you can’t screw up the super, and you can’t screw up the posistioning of the body as they fall. Timing is so crucial that some characters require different versions of the yagyou (jab as opposed to strong), because almost nobody in the game gets up at the same speed, so timing is different for everybody. Also the setup does not work if you are too close to the corner and cannot jump over then to hit them with RH to break the gaurd. Also it obviuosly won’t work on the twins or hugo, since they cannot be juggled with the chicken combo outside the corner.

damn i got shoryu’ed instead

If my DC simulated stuff is right, this isn’t true. Chicken combo not working only increases the amount of meter needed to start. On twins it’s still real practical, only something like 1.6 levels needed (because they get stunned in 2 reps and then you can kill them with s.MK xx command grab). It would be less than that if you parried divekick and could do something off of chicken combo, but I haven’t found anything that works off of that. =/

On Hugo it isn’t the most useful thing because it requires a lot of meter (over 2 levels) and you don’t want to be close to him anyway. SA2 is still awesome on him, though, because of his lack of mobility. Just throw a super out when he’s near the corner, follow it, and jump behind him as it’s about to hit him. Then break his guard once you land.

Random tidbit: If my testing is right, you can do 100% unblockable on Q with 1 level of meter…EVEN IF HE HAS 3 TAUNTS. No bullshitting. It takes like 40 game seconds though. O_o

And finally, Streak, turns out that you won’t need to worry about anything regarding my video. Before March Madness next week I’ll be staying with some friends in Pittsburgh, and there’s a 3s arcade machine in the area, so I’ll be able to test out all my own crap. Still, thanks for offering the help…as well as for karathrow and useful posts like these. =)


He was specifcally talking about the 100% unblockable combo shown in jinrai’s vid of strong, chicken, strong, chicken, strong, yagyou. That’s why I said they do not work on the twins or hugo. I didn’t say it wasn’t possible to do unblockables on them.

Ack, sorry! =P

Carry on.

wait, on the tiwns can’t you just: 2 hits xx mp yagyou, j.rk, then jump over as they get up?