Annoying Dalsim Scrubs since SF4 tournament winn



did i notice something wrong or are much more dalsim players in HDR ?

since the sim won the tournament in SF4?

i dont get it becouse SF4 sim is much diffrent then SF2 sim it did not help train sim even when they want play him in SF4 the scrubs are just annoing matches most free wins but i dont get this

Dalsim bandwagoon WAAA

or did this just happen to me? 5 dalsims in a row in Random matches over and over again…


I have noticed this. Tis frustrating for me because playing Sim against crappy sims is about as fun as pulling teeth :stuck_out_tongue:


Na… your stetching for something here.

There are always Sim scrubs. After they get toasted a bit… they go back to Honda… :lol:


I did notice facing some more dhalsims this past week but I welcome anything that steers people away from ken and ryu.


i hate bad dalsim players its no fun at all dont know why bevore this the only dalsim player i ever faced was a dude named BELL realy nice sim ^^


They’ve got to start somewhere. Everyone on here was a beginner of a new character at one point (I still am). If it’s just a “scrub” thing, wouldn’t it be better to just go into rooms with SRK members in it?

It helps add variety to the online experience. Like another posted said in a different thread with a certain matchup, “The matches start to blend together after a while.” I don’t ever want my matches to become too routine with the usual batch of characters I face online (and they usually are, it’s the same tactic over and over … borrrring).

Dhalsim and Chun are the characters I see the least of. I’d be happy to see a Sim or a Chun since I rarely get to play against them.


of course they need to start but the point is those guys ar eonly playing sim becouse they think he is absolutly badass becouse the dude won the tournament with sim but they did not realyse that sim is something you need to like to play and MORE IMPORTANt sim is good BUT the player was the BAD ASS thing those sim player i watch the movie as like a computer total hard logick no emotional playstile ^^

the most scrubs start sim because they think he is powerfull and they want a powerfull char of cours sim is powerfull but only if you can stand his style of gameg


Probably just coincidence. I doubt “scrubs” sit around and obsess over sf4 vids all day.


Forgot to mention, it could also be due to people looking at the recent youtube videos for hdremix. **Eggo **has started posting his Sim matches and maybe he has shown some players about a playstyle so different from any of the other characters in this game (and yet the most basic of fundamentals). I’ve even started reading super nohoho’s guide because of the good Sim’s I’ve faced.


A wave of Dhalsim players?


Dhalsim is the character I see the least on HD Remix, by far.


I would say Ken followed by Honda and Blanka are the least used characters online!


The character I see the least is by far T. Hawk. Dhalsim takes a lot of patience to play well; it takes someone with a very cool demeanor to main Sim. I wouldn’t worry about him becoming flavor of the month any time soon. Akuma, Ken, Ryu, Sagat, Guile, Vega and (surprisingly) Blanka are the most common characters I run into online.


Strangely, I don’t see as many Balrog & Sagat as I would expect…


This thread is typical of the current mentality of having an obscure, low tier main = skill.

Yeah, so what if people main Sim? Last I checked he was a good character. So is Ryu, for that matter. Just play the game.


No crap, huh? All this cryin’ about “scrubs this” and “no style that”…it’s about irritating. Oh I’m sure that everyone that’s doing the cryin’ is just amazingly superb with their combos, bordering on genius, thus why they just can’t stand playing against anyone but GOD.

What I always liked about SF was that you could compete without being a combo genius (though being one obviously speeds things up for them)–more so about mind games than “Oooo I can do a 360 SPD” or “Check out my ToD combo (in training mode against a static dummy)”.

What I’ve always disliked about SF is the crying and discounting of “scrubs”, as though “non-scrubs” were born with the SF coding genetically spliced into their very being.


Viva la Sim! Let the Revolution begin!


people are always going to copy off of whatever they are impressed with

if x player starts owning people with sim, people are going to copy/record matches and learn and apply with they have learned.


think i played you reaper

think i played you reaper or was a repoman cant remember,cant help but feel im on the hate list of yours twords dhal use as of recent. been a longtime dhal player and only recently gotten the hd version up to snuff i admit my dhal only got better cause of eggo and his tips/videos re-opened my eyes to dhals power but dont go hateing on the new compettion we need love too :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank god, finally there will be at least some character diversity!

I think a lot more people would be playing him though if it weren’t so difficult to use him online.


I always thought those sims were just trying to get their character achievement. Also, I almost never see Sagat ever.