Annoying feature on my dual mod

I got my vlx dual modded and my sticks home button for PS3 is Back and Start together. The problem is that also happens to be the reset button for Marvel training mode I asked my dual modder if there was anyway to change that and he said it was a problem with the board and he couldn’t do anything about it because that is the way the “toodles” board works. My question is if this is really true it seems ridiculous to me that my home button on PS3 can’t just be the home button alone

Yes, it is true unfortunately. Some of his boards are just like that. From experience, my TE that’s dual-modded with a Toodle’s ChImp also has the same problem, but with the X/[] button instead of the back button for my stick.

I’d suggest if you have a modder near you, to try to either buy a new board for the dual-mod and see if that works, or just live with the changes.

See if you can trade your dual-modded boards for a PS360 / Joytron / Datel board.

If you press Home alone, the Select+Start after will not be Home.

It works for me

hold select, then start.
if you press them at the same time, it’ll be home. if you give it like half a second, it won’t register.
that’s what i’ve been doing anywas.

This, press the dedicated HOME button first. after that the Start+Select = Home functionality is disabled. That’s the way it was on the ChImp boards, I assume Toodles carried that over to the Kitty.

It wasn’t carried over to the Kitty; no need since there is a real Home button.

FlashMetroid, do you have anything more specific on what was put into the stick? Pictures of the inside, or show what it calls the joystick when you plug it normally into a PC? Because if its a ChimpSMD or MC Cthulhu, its an easy firmware flash to make it never happen again.
(Seriously, no one mentioned that yet?)

Err, wtf? That doesn’t sound right.

'Tis quite true, unfortunately. IIRC there was a conversation like this one a year or two back when I first got my ChImp board with a user named ninjay.

Let me see if I can post pictures and/or a vid of the mod, since it’s been like that ever since I got it modded, and I really didn’t see any problems with the mod. I don’t know, maybe you guys can see if there’s something that my eyes are missing.

1.0 Chimp (kit) with secured with mounting bolts? IIRC a bolt can short home and 1P if it bridges the unlabelled points next to the mounting hole.

I can’t find my allen wrench set, so no pics as of yet, and it’s been quite some time since I have last opened it, but I remember that it’s only grounded by tie-rods and anchors.

this is the inside

I talked with Flash yesterday about the stick. The problem is whoever did the mod didn’t wire the home button to the chimp. He can’t disable the start+select=home by pressing home and if he gets the chimp’s firmware updated to remove that combo then he will have no means to activate home on ps3.

Grrrrr…How can someone do that decent of a mod job and NOT wire up Home?

well they did manage to forget to mount the pcb.

honestly, flash, your modder is a 2nd rate hack. You could have gotten a vlx kitty and done it yourself, but it looks like he cut the usb cable so too late now.

He soldered back but couldnt move the iron 3 inches to solder a wire to guide? Why is this guy taking peoples money? He is either incompetent or lazy. I’ll post a picture in a bit on what the modder should have done to wire guide and back.

Edit: He was supposed to solder two wires to the daughter board underneath Turbo, Back home.

-The green wire is soldered to pin 5 on the left side of the board should go to Home Screw terminal on the ChImp SMD

-The Grey wire on Pin 1 on the right should be going to Select screw terminal on the chimp smd.

If you have a soldering iron, some wire, and a hobby knife and a screwdriver, you might be able to fix it yourself. For wire you can just cut open an old telephone cable wire, or take wire from a usb cable or slice open a network cable, or I’m sure you have an old Hard Drive ribbon cable you can strip for thin wire.