Annoying whiff using Lili



There is this really annoying problem with Lili.

If you connect her qcf+k move on some characters, she will sometimes just hop over them instead of hitting them, leaving you open for a MEAN punish

open up training mode and have a Ryu dummy crouch. then do this combo: c.strong / + qcf + lk special.
she wil hop over the and it has happend to me too many times in-game

did capcom intend this? Because this is not cool,especially if you earned yourself a setup / mixup / punish opportunity and then this stupid shit happens and she gets wide open for a mean punish

if capcom didnt intend it we should let them know that this is not right and it should be changed


it has more of a chance to whiff on crouchers. sometimes you have to hit confrim twice so you can get the full hit. Standing up you can do it after most moves.


I usually go for two to space it so i never get that. Although some times im not given the luxury of being able to connect with two.

The wiff I find really annoying is ex divine step not tracking properly and giving my opponent a chance at some free non consensual raw dog action. =/


Yeah. It’s tough and really annoying. I don’t do two though, I like to do --> --> qcf lk to link her combos. because linking into has more range

so that’s the only way right? you have to push them back… with two hit confirms. what about angel knee? is there any way to utilize angel knee? because it misses a lot on people who crouch on your wakeup


Outside of combos I only use ex as a standing reversal that I can mash. Other tekken character with dumb 50/50s can suck it.


I need to get “EX Angel Knee on wakeup” out of my brain, lol. Actually I need to just wake up and block.

Question: when has Divine Step whiffed for you, when punishing fireballs? Or another situation? I ask just so I can keep that in mind when using it (generally only use EX DS for fb punish myself).


Close range mix up shenanigans, usually to avoid incoming ground mix ups or jumping into a fireball. I have learned that it is generally successful when they are pressing buttons(screen position doesn’t matter.)