Annoying World of Warcraft lag. Help!

Hey guys. I’ve been having lag lately when I play world of warcraft. It seems like I’m always half a second to a second behind on everything I do. How can I fix this? I tried opening up my ports and it hasn’t helped at all. Any suggestions?

What is your internet connection? Where is your server located? What is its population? What’s your ping there? Do you have spyware? What PC do you have?

disable tripple buffering and/or vsync.

If it’s only started lately, I’d try running some checks for spyware.

It could always be server lag. There was some major maintenance recently to a lot of the servers so that could cause a half second to a second delay. Also, it could be your internet or your video card and video settings in the game in general.

they’ve been preloading patch 2.20 the past week i think. The blizzard downloader keeps running in the background when i play.