"Anonymous" Hacker strikes again


So i gotta ask, is there any reason why this group can’t be taken in on criminal charges? whats the end game to all this?

It’s kinda hard prosecuting them when they’re using other people’s PCs to execute the crimes.

Time issue? Like the magazine?

Hackers are by definition security experts, so its only natural tracking them down is more difficult than your typical criminal.

Its so sad people with such talents waste them

There’s not exactly a lot of talent involved, really. Also, a lot of the people who hack with Anon are security researchers themselves. Additionally, they don’t just hack for the fun of it or for recognition, they’re pushing a social agenda.

The more threatening their activities are to the actual authorities in power, the quicker the response will be. This seems like small potatoes to me.

what kind of social agenda are they pushing taking people’s hard earned money to donate to charity?

That almost happened when they were planning on attacking the Mexican drug cartels. Zetas be on dat ass.

These guys may have met their match. Mexican cartels have no qualms in hiring top notch counter-hackers and merc these guys purely on principle.

Probably recreate a desktop using their appendages and entrails.

They fancy themselves Robin Hood now?

Pretty much

Stick to hacking console networks and family bank accounts, ya fucking losars.

haha at trying to justify their actions by donating to charity and calling themselves robin hoods

This thread already exists: Stratfor Hacked by Anon: Update/Monitor Your Bank Activity