Anonymous Releases Bank of America E-Mails


At what point do we, as a society, realize that businesses can’t be trusted in this day and age, and we need to HEAVILY monitor, and infract them for their greed and stupidity?

Yea sounds like Bank of America.

Not sure what this proves. Everyone knew the banks were doing shady things. The loans be doctored has already been brought up before. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, any evidence acquired illegally isn’t admissible in court. So people will bitch and moan for a week and move on with their daily lives. If people actually cared they would join a credit union, but I don’t expect a mass exodus in the foreseeable future.

4chan is getting shutdown or since it hasn’t been shutdown by now, everyone who goes to that site is getting monitored…

I almost don’t know if I want to take the word 4chan out of my post… fuck the noise:rofl::rofl:

The toilet seat of the internet imo…

So if Julian Assange is jailed or murdered do we blame Anonymous, because this was meant to be his security.

good for anon. fuck bank of america. and while we’re at it, fuck wall street. greedy fucking pigs. tax the fuck out of them, stop bailing them out, and fuck the right wing douchebags who think its “collectivization” to tax the rich, who have 95% of the nation’s wealth or something ridiculous like that. socialism is wrong, but plutocracy is good?

Pretty sure evidence is legit so long as the COPS don’t illegally obtain it. Regular citizens are allowed to break the law to collect evidence.

And fishjie, I posted a thread earlier today about how millionaires feel they dont have enough money, and even SEVEN million a year isn’t enough.

In that article, they state that the numbers are now:

The richest 5% control 55% of the wealth, in America.

We do tax the shit out of them… it just they have really really good accountants. Some of the bailouts do make sense, of course there are some that makes no sense what so ever.

They just need to a better job at who to bailout and how they go about it.

As for the tax is concern…not happening. Companies will always have the upper hand. They have more money so they get the smarter accounts on their side. When the people making the rules aren’t as smart as the people trying to figure out how to break the rules you’re not going to win.

But, but, but!

It’s AWESOME that they could make home loans, take out insurance against said loans, get the money back when the people defaulted due to their bad advice, also get the homes (hard assets) back, AND get a bailout from the federal government to cover the funds that they “lost” [in their pockets] i.e. out of OUR pockets.

Since when is getting triple the income for transactions that allegedly required tax payer monies in an amount that effectively swung the balance from the top 10% having 60% of American wealth, to having 75-80% of it illegal?

It’s legal!!!

What’s the issue?

They have no oversight.



Also, no you cannot have semi-automatics weapons - the 2nd Amendment was never about anything but Bobby Joe Bobby huntin’ 'dem ducks.

It much worse than that.

The top 10% own 75%.

But we should respect the rich, and obey the laws.

The laws are there to protect us.

If we follow them, then we too, could somehow become part of that top 10%.

Because they followed the law.

Thus they earned it.

So I heard.

As I see it.

irregardless of who gets it. Can you imagine the prosecutor in court?

Judge: Where did you get this information?

Lawyer: Uhh… anonymous…

Judge: GTFO.

They may be able to use this as leverage to get a subpoena for BOA’s servers and e-mail history. But I bet you they have long since cleaned those. So it’d be super easy for the defense to say that Anonymous created these with MS paint and they wouldn’t be admissible.

I kind of doubt this is the case.

More likely, it is the case that they own the judges, and thus shall never see the wrath of true justice.

Also - it is “regardless”, or “irrespective”, not irregardless.

Irregardless sounds like something Bill Murray would have attempted in order to drown out that damned gopher in Caddyshack.

As I see it.

Wasn’t aware we were writing scholarly journals.

As I see it.

I wasn’t aware of that either.

As I see it.

Your post seemed to think that we were. Otherwise I’m not sure why you would have felt the need to correct me.

As I see it.

It would still be up to BoA’s lawyers to prove that COPS were behind the release of the info. If not, then it’s admissable. And they can easily prove whether or not the information has been falsified/tampered with.

Look at what happens with the bullshit Sallie Mae pulls with student loans. They’re GUARANTEED by the government, so if a student defaults, the government foots the bill, then sends collection agencies ALSO OWNED by Sallie Mae after you (who charge a commission fee, and thus double dip, and are ALWAYS GUARANTEED TO MAKE MONEY).

Seriously, some companies seem to legally be allowed to print money. Banks, and every fucking financial institution, needs to have their shit pushed in

Perhaps he is helping you to be a little more educated so that you don’t sound like a fucking retard when trying to make a point while using words that don’t exist. People will take you seriously when you don’t look like an illiterate retard for using fake words that don’t mean what you think they mean, much less anything at all.

The correct response to the second half of his post is “Oh hey thanks for the heads up.” Just because it is the internet doesn’t excuse you from being a moron.

My post asked me to thank you for elucidating the point that, as we are not writing scholarly journals, it is to be implicitly understood that egregious errors in attempts to use actual terms, are perfectly legitimate expressions of English.

My post humbly apologizes.


Don’t get me started on how badly the rich screw it to anyone poor, who is actually trying to better his place in this society.

I mean, FUCKING WALL STREET gets an obscene bailout, but students are shit out of luck?

Fuck you, and the mule you rode in on, Banking Elite of America.

As I see it.

To me even middle class type money is PLENTY but I would be lying if I thought that the system was fair. Nothing is surprising and it is pretty fucked up but what can you do really? I don’t feel so bad about how much say a movie star or athlete makes since they are in a profession where it demands our money and we pay it but for the rich to be able to get where they do by being deceitful is bull shit imo. But maybe I hate it because I can’t live with myself doing some of the things they do. But what can you do?

Considering that the government owns the best outfitted standing military in the world, and the banks own the government?

Yeah… not much. :frowning:

As I see it.


Anyways, financial institutions run the world.

What’s new?

Hugh Mad.