Anonymous threatens attack on Facebook

Well, here is a bit of internet news. A video was just released claiming to be from Anonymous. I am sure I do not have to explain to anyone here who they are.

They are scheduling an attack on Facebook this upcoming November 5th. Something tells me that this is some B.S, and just a person trying to get attention by using Anonymous as a cover. If true, well I wonder what will happen?

What do you guys think? Think this is real, or fake? If real, you think they can actually do anything or “expose” facebook? Whatever that means.


well, it is true about what Facebook is doing. So it might be true.

I doubt Anonymous are good enough hackers to hack a site as big as Facebook. There’s too much valuable information on that site and I bet Facebook invested heaps of money for the security of that site. I remember LulzSec tweeting a while ago praising the security of Facebook (in a weird, negative LulzSec sort of way) so yeah, I doubt it’s gonna happen tbh.

Great trend we got going :confused:

November 5th? Really?

Ya a little dramatic/corny lol

The writing isn’t on par with previous Anon messages. Reeks of attention whoring … I’m sure by now they know you’re not going to ddos a site like Facebook.

You will be suprised.

Their members took PSN down. Why not FB?

Dude, come on. I mean, fair enough they took down sites like the CIA website and all this, but a site with personal details of about 500 million people is going to be pretty damn secure. I’m sure Facebook get tons of hack attemps everyday and if someone does get in, it probably gets patched quickly and they improve their system. And anyway, what type of an idiot sets a date to hack someone. “Oh look, we’re gonna hack you on November 5th so make sure you carry on as normal, don’t implement any extra security measures or tighten up the security and go about your normal business!”

Lol the same Facebook littered with security flaws and fishing? Easily hackable. Anon has taken out theUN and HBGary and the US Senate and Sony and maaaaaaany others

Don’t kid yourself.

Also we have a hacker news thread

I was gonna say, my friends have posted spam (aka hacked) just by clicking a link.

Receiving or clicking on spam isn’t being hacked.

Wasn’t that LulzSec?

Also, I don’t think this will succeed. We’ll see. Logic in the video is kinda fucked, so I don’t think it’s “Official” anon like we’ve seen in the past.

I ain’t on Facebook which is why I hope this shit goes down. If “they” actually do some serious damage to FB on the day this has been scheduled for, I will have respect for those nerds. But the chances of that are goddamn slim.

why exactly? i assume it’s bcuz you’re an idiot, but please do humor us and tell us why you support internet terrorism.

I’m talking about cutting into pieces hack, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Stay out. Whether it be authorized or unauthorized is the difference between cutting/and hacking.

I quite like what Anon are doing. This AntiSec thing they have going is pretty cool. I have looked into a lot of “conspiracy theories” about various governments but over time I kinda got past giving a shit and just went with the flow. It would be cool if these guys could expose large corporations and banks for the debt-creating, economy collapsing machines that they are.

I look at this more at a technical standpoint rather than the social impact it would have, since I myself struggle to grasp even the basics of scripting/coding at times (especially over the past few years). I’ve gained an appreciation for minds that can actually do things like this. And as it has been mentioned, the security should supposedly be difficult to breach since this site has such a huge user base and is known by virtually everyone. To declare a date for this and then to actually go through with it would be somewhat admirable because of the odds. This is Facebook we are talking about, which is why I am taking this discussion lightly. I would never post anything on there that would be life changing if it got in the hands of somebody else. Nor would I condone the illegal access of something such as banking/credit information. I highly doubt this shit will happen though.

even if they did, the media will spin it as a bad thing and that security is at risk our saftey is at risk, and half of these claims are nonsense because the government would never do such thing. That they are crazy looney conspiracy theorist.

if this happens though and facebook goes down for at least a few days, people might actually read for a few days. The benifits of this happening outweigh the risk/backlash. make it happen anon.

fuck this…stay the fuck away from my facebook. this is clearly a google + trap