Another ABC - Would You Be Interested?

Ok. So first off, since we haven’t had one of these in years, a lot of you are asking, “What’s an ABC?”

ABC stands for Avatar Battle Challenge. Essentially, a theme is given, and avatar-makers all over IMM submit avatars (up to one still and one animated per entrant.) A Panel of judges decides which ones are best, and prizes are awarded. Mostly it’s a lot of fun because you get to see a bunch of really cool avatars.

To see this in practice, here are the judging threads of the previous ABC’s:

ABC #15 - Mai
ABC #14 - Urien
ABC #13 - MSPaint
ABC #12 - T and A, and S R K
ABC #11 - Retro
ABC X - Fuckachunkz/Guilty Gear/Technology
ABC #9 - Time
ABC #8 - Rock n’ Roll
ABC #7 - Food
ABC #6 - Weapons (w/ a Soul Calibur Bonus)
ABC #5 - Street Fighter
ABC #4 - Darkstalkers
ABC #3 - Sprite Commercials
ABC #2 - Booty/Boobies, Sprites, & SRK
ABC #1 - Trial & Error

Since we’re a bout to get a bunch of new people, I thought it might be worthwhile to revive ABCs, and try to get IMM hopping a bit again. But I can’t do it without you. I’m not going to hold a contest just for Worthless and shatterstar to enter. There’s no fun in an ABC unless a lot of people enter.

So what do you say?


Definitely.I’d totally enter.

It would be cool to do one of these again.It really brings out some of the best av makers and styles on IMM. :tup:

I call judge

Also, stfu ho-jo.


Iunno man. Your current avatar makes me want to reevaluate if you have the avatar discernment to be a good judge.


definitely. :tup:

psh, whatever distorted image avatar man

quiche is gunna make me a judge! :arazz:

If ho-jon is made a judge over me, i’m goign to quit SRK.

Or sulk in a corner.

Either one.

EDIT: Also, “going”.

As the winner of the forgotten ABC. . .YES

Oh right i forgot about the ABC that paper tiger posted the thread for. Updating.


I’ll participate.

I’ll enter if I don’t have to submit an animated avatar. Also, ignore my lack of an avatar, I’m just too lazy to make one atm.

EDIT: I’ll join regardless, it’ll be fun to learn some animation.

Yo, that would be awesome to watch. I love just checking up on the the Big Request Thread, just to see the new avs. Shoot, I’ve even held little prize contests to see if any1 would bite. And, I think that all the avs I’ve gotten from here have been awesome.

Of course, I won’t be submitting an av, but I would love to see the results.

Shoot, I’d even pitch in for some kind of Premium prize for the winner.

:tup: :tup:

yeah i’d join for the good ol times :lovin:

since I’ve never won an ABC [I think I second or third in stills] so I’ll still be a contestant untill I win.

I want to submit a theme: anything with Mike Bison and Dudley in it…

or Food part 2 [you know, Combos + Felicia].

The food theme was my favorite. People got really creative with it. The Time one was also cool, but I got kind burned on doing non-fighting game themes after getting like zero entrants for the Rock and Roll themed one.

Food part 2 is a possibility. That one was fun as fuck.


Seems like more of coincidence you should bring this up so close to the release of Street Fighter IV.

Meaning, I think we have a theme.



If this goes down I wanna be a judge

If that limits you, then that makes me cry :sad:

How bout, characters that did not get into SFIV, and their thoughts.

You know I have no limits.

That’s an interesting new idea, but it might be a little too specific to let creativity flourish.


P.S.: This poll is running for another 19 days, so there’s plenty of time to consider.