Another adon wishlist

Since we have had a good time with AE and all I was wondering what were other people thoughts on what they would like to see adon with if they make another version of ssf4. Personally I would like to see him with

  • Close standing roundgouse being a command normal
  • Normal health
  • A feint of some sort
  • make his overhead a little quicker

Another one… Adon wasn’t the only character hit with the nerf stick. The majority of the Super cast was nerfed, and Adon got off pretty easy in comparison. I don’t know of any other character forum that has this many complaints. Why can’t Adon players accept the changes like men…

I believe this is the first one since ae, besides this is just a hypothetical thread bro.

Considering the Adon forums is one of the least used? or at least it was before AE making any thread at all is good in my opinion, provided it leads to discussion. Also I havent seen any ‘whine’ threads about Adons nerfs… im pretty sure most Adon players either accepted the changes or jumped ship.

Any way, I would like to see close hk as a command normal also.
The feint you described I would like to see for his or possibly his overhead a bit like Kens f+hk (thats the feint one right?).

I think you might have missed the point of the thread. The thread starter wanted opinions on our thoughts of Adon and if they were to rebalance what changes we would like to see added. There was **ONE **complaint thread in the Adon section so far by one person which is pretty equivalent to the rest of the character forums so I do not see what you are talking about or why that last comment is even necessary.

On to what I think, I really feel Adon was nerfed. I know they said that normals was made better but really I can not say that I have felt it. What changes I would like to see…

[]+50 stamina to bring us to average health.
]New command “Jaguar Sprint” instead of dashing, hold the second forward and Adon stays in his low run till you let go. Maybe its redundant with the dash but I hate having to double or triple dash. (We need to work on this list of what Adon can either dash under or taunt 9 over).
Other than that, nothing else. Not saying Adon is perfect but i think taunt 9 already works as a feint for jk (although doesnt make them block). If anything make rh jk 0 on block so at least we can use that more on gief lolz.

I thought rh.jk was the only safe one against gief? eek ive been doing it wrong haha, also I am not sure what to think of that jag sprint thing. I dont feel it would fit, but then I havent used it :wink:
I would like Adon to have better combos, currently I feel like all I ever do is, cr.lp xx rj, or cr.lpx2 xx rj or cr.lp, xx jk… at best I do close st.hp, cr.lp xx rj :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been screwed by close standing RH lol

as in beaten out by it? or because it didnt come out? or maybe even that it whiffs on some characters up close? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I have not been utilizing the dash either till last night. Got in a match vs a Sagat and intentionally dashed under two of his high tiger shots. The guy stop throwing projectiles for a sec like wtf. However I really want to start utilizing that dash to put myself in better positions to attack or counter.

Really when I started thinking about Adon’s moveset and his dash, I wondered if Capcom thought along the lines as "We will give Adon low health because in our opinion, his very move set allows him to avoid attacks. Being able to dash under Blanka’s U1, EX JT out of Guiles U2 and who knows what else. I agree its ballzy to the core. Its a crazy idea that might make me the black sheep of the Adon community, the stupid Adon with the most outrageous idea but I want to experiment and be able to pull it off in a match. BTW glad I saw you. I need new info for a new match up thread. Give out some advise:

Become the Jaguar Assassin

Elaborate please. Maybe as an anti-air?

Close standing round house often screws me when I try to punish people with it and it just whiffs leaving me open or even when I try to use it intentionally it still whiffs

yeah its a pain in the ass. If it was a command normal that would rock! :smiley:

Actually I think you would get the same effect. They are trying to punish people with it and it whiffs (I think this occurs particularly on smaller characters and ones who received a hit just frames earlier) meaning even if it was a command move, when you do it, it would still whiff.

Well idk about others but when it usually comes out im trying to get the full rep of the far standing roundhouse but I usually fuck it up lol. On the other hand if it was a command normal I would use it as an anti air that seems like its main use anyways. (If it was a command normal it would probably be one of the best anti airs in this game)

yeah sorry, I didnt mean it would be better in those situations!
more that It could actually be used. Currently I use it only for the stun after a rj FADC close rh. having it as a decent AA would be better for me. Currently I find it really annoying to time… :stuck_out_tongue:

lolz I have been trying to haul ass outta dodge (dash) but if they made it a true anti air I guess it wouldn’t be so bad…

What I mean is I do a RH expecting his Far RH and the other character is too close, but not close enough for the kick to connect. I then wiff a close RH and get punished hard, where if the far RH came out I would have gotten the 2 hits.

Sometimes i’ll mix in a jumpkick, then straight to cl.hp xx mk JK. If you get a hit it will combo, if not its a good pressure string. You may wiff the JK against smaller characters tho. You can use MK or HK, but if you cross up MK the HP doesn’t come out fast enough and they can block.

You can also do the same with MP xx HK JK.

Sometimes I will also do a cr.lp (blocked) cl.HP xx MK JK as well. Not the best thing to do but good once in a while. You’re better off hit confirming the cl.HP and going for something else but sometimes I don’t. CH cl.HP (link) cr.lp xx RJ is no longer a 1 frame link :wink:

[]Jaguar Kick hitstun increased from -2f to between -1f ~ +1f ON HIT (Seriously, it removes a tool against the high-health grapplers, since they get a free SPIN-N-WIN)
]Don’t make Jaguar Varied Assault (Super~mash P) a mash move. Buttons cost money!
[]Jaguar Crunch :f:+:mp:
]Startup decreased from 23f to 16~19f (make it more viable!)
[]Hitstun increased vs crouchers from +2f to +4f (same as vs standing)
]And finally:

Normal Health, his super quick wakeup was kind of broken I found finally

Crouch lk 3 frames and a better range, when you see Yang cr lk, it’s just a non sense to me, the character is small and his cr lk seems to have the same range as Sagat, and just tell me why Cody and Guy should have a cr lk 3 frames.

A better hitbox for the rj lk to hit every crouch characters, have to use an ex to combo is just annoying

80 for the cancel of rj hk, something else than the ridiculous 50, same as rj lk.

Faster overhead, 20 frames is minimum, 18 should be good because it range is not very good

Same as kikimaru for the jaguar kick, eat an ultra when your jaguar kick hits is bullshit.

Can I wish that adon will be in sf x tekkan. Also make u1 better i guess. well comboable