Another "analyze me" thread!

here are some vids of me.

i didn’t like using sagat, but i do better with him as anchor so i wnat to get better with him now. some feedback for my sagat is mucho apprieciated :slight_smile:

for cammy, i just picked her up like 2 weeks before those matches so you can give me feedback on her, but i probably figured out some new stuff for her.

anyways, i know you guys wanted to see how i play. so enjoy!

play rolento, that’ll solve all your problems.


but i’ll give you real feedback tomorrow MEIGN. it’s too late now though.

I’m a scrub myself but with cammy I noticed you like to throw quite a bit instead of throwing when its free BnB into something.

For Maki she has the 2nd best throw in the game abuse the dog shit out of it.

Sagat pick up some GC’s when that elbow hits and you have confirmation add a tiger knee it at the end.

Edit: for the post above hes right I picked up basic Rol and my wins went WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP! its all about lp

The Maki is pretty solid, watch out when you use the wake up… I’m sure you already know it’s got terrible recovery. When it comes to characters like cammy or sagat, most players know how to play them. It’s really just about link execution and zoning. Level up your zoning with sagat standing short is your friend against cammy. Your cammy looked good on the video but I personally wouldn’t whiff jab that much.

i’ think i know what you were referring to(2:25 me vs dash?) what happened was i was going to jump and JD, and i got confused when i jumped in and i tried to punish after i realized my free punish, but i panicked and threw instead of fierce xx spike :frowning:

yeah i should, i’ll try it out more.

i try…:frowning: something i STILL need to work on even as of now :frowning:

lol i tried to play C-rolento but i can’t Rc scouter for the life of me. i love A-rolento though. s.jab, c.fwd xx rekkas == t3h 0wn.

lol, bad habit from playing shotos :slight_smile:

damn i wanna go over more of it but i’m at a lan party with some friends and they want my comp for dota :frowning: peace


yeah i know, i only use it when i feel i really need to get him off my back or if i whiff something stupid and i think they might fuck up the punish(think people whiffing DP and doing another DP right after to punish those woh fuck up the punish )

but yeah…that one time i did the spin kick hella cost me my match.

yeah i’m behind on all the sagat tactics, so sometimes i’m not too sure what beats what in sagat vs top tier matchups.(like sak vs sagat, do s.fwd to beat her s.rh but she can roll through it , etc, etc) tourney experience helps out cuz people hella abuse shit when they find out you dont’ know what to do against it.
i know s.short has good “priority”(used loosely) but is it really that helpful to abuse it when using K-sagat? i still doubt it sometimes.(well i know that s.short is really damn helpful against chunli)

i really need to land s.jab, s.jab xx special/super in “clutch” moments too. anyways, i think my cammy is more solid than my sagat, so i’ve been thinking about doing K-maki/sagat/cammyR2. but i’ve been wondering, why haven’t i see many japanese use K-cammy as their anchor? (even though bas and otk said K-cammy is the 2nd best character) what’s up with that?

Probably because shes the type of character that can turn the tide of the game, but for someone like cammy once shes raged her chances of landing supers especially in K i’d say are slimmer than sagats. With sagat you got crazy offense then you can mix up with random small jumps and go high/low with roundhouse or level 3.

in terms of offense, i think cammy’s got it covered pretty. any “hit” s.fierce == easy access to some huge damage.

as for them jumping, anytime you could have high cannon with sagat, you can shaft break with cammy(in theory…) so that should cover that

the only difference is that sagat can do that low jump 50/50 game when he’s raged.(although it’s not 100% safe for blocked raid). but this tactic is more of a desparation tactic and isn’t what you are supposed to rely your match on.

oh, and the only matchup that i can see giving K-cammy some problems is A-bison(in terms of anchor type characters). cuz when i’m raged i want to land counter hit fierces but not get hit by RC psycho crusher. is it possible to shaft breaker(non-reversal) against blocked psycho crusher? or will he be too far.

You probably wont get enough hits in to want to Super, Counter hit him with a Cannon Spike or something after he passes by. Now hes on the ground and you can assume command by starting to rush down.

Lol, I love your AV with the Magneto helmet on Maki and the Bear.

I like the Cammy. Abuse st. fierce more. Try not to rush in so much when you have a lead on life. Especially when the other person has super.

Maki gets free jump-in RH’s on Vega. Vega can’t standing AA it at all. At best he can do a jump back strong.