Another Arcade Cabinet SuperGun/ps2/xbox/saturn/dreamcast cabinet

Were here I am getting ready for EVO 06. This is the first of my new style of cabinets. I have streamlined them a bunch and made the controller swapping ability much easier to do.

I will update this as I go.

Here are the first set of pics.

Here is the over all size of it.
44" wide 25.5" high 27" deep. This is slightly smaller then my original cabinet i build back in Aug 05.

One of the main design changes i made was to make it easier to swap out the joystick. I was able to accomplish this with out much of a prob. Each stick will have a lip that will slide under the side of the cabinet to secure that side down. On the other side it will have a chamber lock that will lock the controller to the cabinet. I think it is the most efficient way i could do this.

Here you can see the lip was was talking about.

Here you can see that i added a cubie hole to hold the arcade board. This will make it much easier to swap games on the fly.

And the last change was to make the controller panel much smaller. It is 12" x 7" now.
Here you can see the size difference.

I would consider the Version 1.5. As there are still a few bugs to work out. But for the most part this will be exactly what you will see at evo from me. I will have 4 at EVO 06.


=============Update 4/15/06=================
Well this is finished as well. And i took some pics before the guys comes to pick it up.

Here is a pic of all 8 pcb’s. And you can see the Jamma harness in this as well. It is quite the mess ill tell you.

The color was not my choice. But it looks ok.

Here is a pic of the US pannel. You can see that there is a lock on them now. Ive made it so the pannel just sits into a cubby hole and is surounded on all 4 sides and does not move. After it is in place you just lock it down.

That is about it.

To be honest i really dont draw up much in the way of plans. I usualy make a draft of what i think it will be. And then whe i make it im all ways changing things. So i dont really have any plans other then a rough sketch that isn’t really much like the final product.

Sorry pal.

Why is the japanese layout one big gaping hole? Anyway that looks awsome, if you where selling them I’d probably buy one if shipping wasn’t too bad.

This one is made for sale. PM me if you have any questions.

Me want:(

its a big gaping hole cuz the japanese button layouts are so close together. in the end it wont even matter cuz the lexan sheet will cover over the wood and have complete holes that hold the buttons in place just fine

dude that american panel is fucked… the holes on the left are all off center

Oh im sure. After spending 7 hours building this I would have just drilled it off center.

What the hell are you talking about.

A big thank you to SaBr3! You helped me a ton during the build. Your clamping skills are amazing!

off center? wtf are you talking about? get your eyes straight. the measurements are dead on and match up with the mounting plate.

Nice work as usual Bob. So that cab is actually for sale…interesting :slight_smile:

I need to catch you on aim one of these days to discuss that crazy custom stand/supergun/snes contraption :wgrin:

P.S. Been messing with the Hori Soul Calibur stick…sigh i need a stand wink

Oh yea, almost forgot…GO XBAND!

Check your pm’s.

Hmm, no real reason it needs to be that big, but it’s cool I guess, you can achieve the same stability with a proper base weight. The supergun I built to play my Super Turbo is a small project box with a jamma harness and controller ports, then I just plug in my SANWA modded Agetecs and I’m good to go. Oh yeah, 19 and 13 inch rgb monitors for play :slight_smile:

And he’s right, those aren’t that straight when you look closely.

Have you considered the fact that you are looking at the panel from underneath? The 5 joystick holes are where they should be…slightly above the center axis of the buttons. The panel is flipped over, so they are on the bottom now.

we also have small super gun project boxes as well. but thats for convenience. we rather have a cabinet that atleast resembles arcade, not this sit my stick in my lap or sit on the floor while it moves around bs. and like i said before, those left holes match up with the sticks baseplate perfectly, they are alligned.

and the cabinet is not that big. its actually smaller than his original cabinet that got used for all the sf final 8 matches at evo.

i like how people question the work of someone that started this whole custom stick craze, lol… :smile:

edit: wait, are we talking about the whole joystick area off center? or are we just talking about the 2 left screw circles in the joystick area? if its the whole joystick area, who cares ROFL! but the way its set is pretty much standard

Is he not talking about the button holes themselves?

is the only mistake (and the lp button is lsightly to the left). it’s impossible to drill holes using a hand drill without being slightly off. one mm off = perfect.

good job cigarbo , looking better than last time, i hope you do a more polished paint job on this one, that would have been my only real criticism of the last.

Mullah that was too funny.

The paint on this will be better then the last. But on my cab in building in a week or so will be really good. I am going to take my time with it. On my last cab i finished it about 7 days before EVO so i didn’t have the time to finish it the way i would have liked.

:wink: this thread was getting a little serious, so i find a little ms paint job always helps clam nerves!

i’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. make it shiny!

I will be using R1 for fierce and R2 for RH. That is default for 3s/HSF. I just want my cabs to be plug and play.

Update on first page.

Crap pictures though.

only 4 more cabs to build before EVO. Back to work for me.