Another Arcade Cabinet SuperGun/ps2/xbox/saturn/dreamcast cabinet


Update on first page.

Crap pictures though.

only 4 more cabs to build before EVO. Back to work for me.


Looking good. One question though, on real Japanese cabinets… VS City, Astro City etc the actual stick is closer to the buttons than the position you currently have the stick in. Here is a pic of what I am talking about:

Anyway, either way your cabinets are awesome and they are one of the main reasons why I actually intend to spend ALOT of $ to come out to Evo this year as you are providing an arcade alternative which is a must for me… but yeah, I was just wondering why you chose to have the stick further away from the buttons than normal.


I pick up chicks with my cigarstick, it never ceases to amaze me. When I have the cab i will be the ultimate pimp.


It is just what I prefer. That and im fat and i cant reach my hands that close together. If you have ever seen Austin Powers you know who FatBastard is. Imagine him but 3x the size. I would like the stick and buttons to be 2 feet away from each other. But there just ins’t enough room on the cab for a second person if I did that.

WOW. What can i say. Free play for you all weekend!!! Thank you for the compliment. I hope to see you at EVO.

From the man with the very first stick i ever sold. And we all know you are still a virgin. But im sure the cab will get you laid for sure.
And here is a pic of FMJ to show every one why he is still a virgin. I hear this is his normal every day outfit.


Too fucking good!!!


Nice! Can’t wait to see them all at EVO.


What the faq? Are all those PCBs wired to one DB connector? Good stuff bob.


all 10 pcb’s (including the supergun even though it doesn’t have a pcb) have a seperate DB15 connector. As well as each has a 3 pin molex for the start/select.

There was alot of shit in there. I am finishing up another cab as we speek and ill be starting on 3-4 more in the next 2-3 weeks.

Thank you ShinJN and Rotendo for your compliments. See you at evo. You wont be able to miss me.


Bobs a beast, good shit man we need to get you a job on TechTV or at Sears.


lol hes like that craftmans guy who sells the tools… mr bob craftsman

i like your work man very kool… i hope to make it to evo this year and play on it