Another av request... go figure

if you couldn’t tell already… my av is kind of on the more ‘not so good’ side… so if anyone could make me one with faust and/or elena from 3s on it… in whatever kind of pose, it doesnt matter… it would be appreciated


although i think your av is funny as hell, especially having one of my digital wives as the slut, i’ll give a faust one a try. i think he’s the only GGXX character i haven’t done anything with yet.

keep a heads up… tonight probably

bump - sorry bud, i’ll get to it tomorrow hopefully. finals are killing me


thanks a lot… and you can get to it on your own time… dont mess up finals for an av… and scratch that elena thing… you can keep her out of it… and if you want… you could put akuma in it but it doesnt matter…

thanks again!

check up 1


wow… nice

i dont know which one to use…theyre both awesome in a way

thanks a bunch!


i’m actually busy making you a third one, because i still don’t like the way those 2 came out. i was just in a rush… expect another one up tonight

nice… its like hes dancing to the beat or somethin in a club

haha, it’s his charge up animation when he goes for the destroyed move :slight_smile: