Another Av Request!

I would like it to have sol in it doing something… Or atleast something that sticks out like a glowing name or something. I’d also like dark colors. Besides those three things, just be creative.

Again, anyone who makes it will be rewarded in some way. If you want a video game remix, you got it. If you want me to draw a sick picture, you got it.

( Nightraid did a badass job last time, but that av is for later. )

Edit: it doesn’t have to have sol in it if you can make something kind of sick that disturbs people. If you do put him in it, have him wear the darker clothes he’s wearing in the one i have up.

i’ll take the request.

i’ll have something up tonight at the latest… 1 day’s usually my time frame

bump da fuckin shit

Thanks alot. Thats the shit.