ANOTHER avatar request

looking for a prem avatar with this in it:

i don’t really care about what else you put in it, just long as it looks nice. so don’t be afraid to be creative with it. thanks to whoever tries one for me:lovin: (rep awaits you)

Tried out some different things. Thoughts?

weeeeee that is some sexy shit Sas!

Except for his name.


Haha, thanks Master Chibi.

I really do need to get some fonts installed…

but I won’t lie. I’m afraid to install anything on my computer at the moment. So many bluescreens. [flashbacks]

i subscribed to this so if anybody responded i’d see it but it didn’t notify me :frowning:

anyways, looks great Sas. i’ma sport it. and poot is the sexiest thing on srk, Master Chibi >:(

=) XD 8========D ----------