Another Bebop AV request sry <sigh>

hi elite AV producers and helpers of SRK! since i’ve been sporting only one av since i’ve been here (damn great tho! :smiley: ), i would be much obliged if some1 would take an interest in a hopeful masterpiece for one of the greatest animes! it really doesn’t matter to me, but i DID just change my location pertaining to faye faye smoking…this would be great! if this is too much trouble, a good spike frame with a lil flashy animation or nice colors would be super awesome. and last, hopefully my srk name written as boring as you want it on there somewhere.

~thanks to anyone interested and omg GL!:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Will do, sir.:smiley:

Any ideas about animation? Not animating the pic, though. :sweat:

gr8 gr8 gr8! thanks a lot ya know (in raijin voice <sp?>)

i guess that the animation could be the ciggy drawing, or maybe the bebop moving around or something… .hell you could just make the AV vicious standing with sword drawn, with bird feathers falling all in the background. hey man be original, have fun with it! i am not looking for anything specific so you can use w/e theme that you would like; btw, animation would be great tho

i don’t know if you have any authentic bebop grounds or such, but i was thinking if you would like it better to use something from Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door…


Can I try too?

Why does everybody want my requests?:confused:

ROFL, I made one anyway, sorry for cutting in on the request. (I can’t resist, I love Bebop) It barely fits under the requirement.

Ok. I plan to be done today. Got some good animation ideas.:slight_smile:

DarkGiygas that’s damn good…the only thing i would ask for further (if you even give a damn :slight_smile: ) would be to put some kinda crazy background, or hell snowy background like i have now…but thx a million and if Soul doesn’t feel like doing one now, i will use it pronto. again thx again, fellow bebop enthusiast!

soul, i will wait for yours seeing as how you first replied…

animation ideas? umm…with faye faye, maybe a scene with her smoking and gun in hand. like from episode two, or was it 3?

with spike you can do about w/e and i’ll be happy… if just flashy colors or something he says or something down those lines ooo maybe those venus flowers, that would be bad ass (i do realize that you only have so many sprites, pics, so on…)

i think vicious with his sword and vulture would be cool, with feathers/rain/or julia’s roses or rosepetals falling. doesn’t matter! it’s all good

thanks again guys… i’ll definately give you guys credit on my sig for your hard work!:smiley:

Soul Ebelius did you die?

Yeah. I just went overboard with the animation. I wish you were a premium member. eh…

I’ll post it later on today.

I got all confused on which character you wanted since you mentioned…4, I think…so I just used three. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you’d prefer me to work with just one of them, it’s cool.

full version:

non preemy version: kekeke

…yeah yeah. I’m an animation and color whore most times.

I don’t think I could fit in any more crap, that thing is like almost exactly 20kb. :frowning:

Yeh. I bet PS was punching the screen seeing how many frames he could keep in my avatar I’m wearing.

cool cool soul…it’s purrrrtty sweet! hmm…maybe just one character theme would be better; im sorry i kept blurting out oodles of non-coherent ideas… pick which character you wanna use, and have at it! (if you aren’t tired of it:) )

~:cool: TonDaShocKA~~~