Another cancel Ultra 2 input I found to be easier



I’m not good at doing hard motions in both sides. and U2 was one of those because of the speed and the :db: start point.
So usually I did on of thoses :
:db: normal :df: :ub: :df: :ub: 2x :3k:

cl :hp: :b: :db: :ub: :3k: :b: :ub: :3k:

Every time I tried to find a way to do it on the same side whatever the position I got caught by the ex tatsu thing, you know what I mean I’m sure.
But this :
:db: normal :uf: :db: :uf: 2x :3k:
is universal (inverse the input if you’re comfortable with a particular side, ex tatsu proof, VERY FAST, works with standing combo too :
cl :hp: :uf: :db: :uf: 2x :3k:

and you don’t have to switch input when you switch sides.
Of course that’s not teh precise inputs, you need to register a :b: or :f: while you’re doing the diagonal shake but If you can shake diags on a stick with no :b: or :f: in the process you’re Desk.
Last point, far KH to cr :mk: or cr :mp: xx U2 :
The best way I found, the one that give me some time to input the u2, unlike all the other methods is :
:ub: while doing the :hk: , then :df: normal, and all you need now is :ub: 2x :3k:
Also this :
far hk :uf: :df: normal :uf: 2x :3k: , reversible of course so you can learn a single side like the others above.
It’s like a one input U2 :slight_smile:
This isn’t working after another try, the delay between the first :ub: and the ultra :3k: is too long I guess to register as a shortcut 2 in 1, you need an extra :ub: there.

Back to the previous method then :
far :hk: :df: :mp: :ub: :df: :ub: 2 x :3k:

Have fun o/

Left the previous text for process history, but this sums it up nicely :

Akuma FAQs: Quick questions & answers!

basically, this :




Yo Shabrout, what makes this even easier is if you hit the first 3k on the second df, then the second 3k on the last ub.
So in other words :df: + cr. :mp: / :mk:, :ub:, :df: + :3k:, :ub: + :3k:

Let me know how bit works out for you, ive been hitting U2 off medium strength normals with ease and consistency. Really boosts Akumas mid range damage (361 off two lights and a strong hit confirm. 421 off cr.mkxx fireballxxFADC.)


I prefer :db: :mp: :uf: :db: :uf: :3k: x2
No issues so far, only need to concentrate on doing the :db: clean.
Still haven’t put it in match. But I’m a beast in training room lol.
Now I should say that I struggle with :mk: a lot more, and doing this off far HK is hella hard, but only because it fucks up my :hk: -> cr. Medium timing…


I’m telling you, try doing it the way I do it. It makes it much easier. What ever directions you choose doesn’t really matter, the key is hitting the :3k: on the second to last direction, then again on the final directional input. Before I was plinking :3k: with :hp: to get the :3k: x2 to come out faster, but its too fickle. This works amazing.

I was at casuals, using u2 exlusively, out 5+ plus hours of casuals, I missed it less than a handful of times. In fact I didnt drop cr.:mk: xxfireball fadc, cr.:mk: xx u2 or fs.:hk:, cr.:mp: xx u2 not one time. I struggled with s.:hp: xx u2 more, and thats the easiest of them all.

I was even using this method as a buffer using cr.:mk:. A couple of times one of the guys I was playing against tried to read a sweep or fireball to focus dash through, only to be met with a cr.:mk: xx u2 for 389.

Gotta love huge, meterless damage.


Hey Nu-Skoool, I tried your method, and it just wouldn’t happen! Theoretically it won’t make sense, I think(?), since the first KKK are pressed w/ :df:?? Little more info/tip please?

The only way I use U2 is when I do Fireball FADC + HP or Cr MK + U2, pretty consistently. I do cl :hp: :b: :db: :ub: :3k: :b: :ub: :3k:, but I can’t do LP LP MP U2 with this method.

Thank you in advance!!


Closer look at my inputs show that when I do a strict :df: :ub: :df: + :3k: :ub:+ :3k: the first :3k: comes between the last directional input and the one before. Not very practical, other times I’ll get either a :b: or :d:.

What’s really working for me is going to :ub: then :d: and rolling the stick back to :ub:. Somewhere near the bottom of the gate I’ll hit the first :3k: and when I reach :ub: hit it again.

For me I find I can roll the stick this way much faster than trying to go from one diagonal to the other. Still prefer shabrouts method when I do c.s.:hp: though.


it’s brain dead for cr.HP or cl.HP to U2, after the normal, do diag UP diag DOWN then back to diag UP, double press KKK, done. No matter the diag you like.


Thanks Nu-Skoool for the reply. And Shabrout, thanks a lot for testing out all these methods for all us Akuma lovers here! You’re the man!!

I’ll definitely try all these tonight. It’d be awesome if I could add this to my BNB list, U2 w no meter.

Thanks again!


Good points of the diags method are :
-1 motion for all.
-Symmetric inputs (no matter your position, both ways will work)
-Only one thing to work on, doing diag UP to diag Down to diag UP fast. No matter if done clean or with crap tone of other inputs, but fast.
-You’ll get U2 even when you miss it a bit (yeah, the diag DOWN, can be replaced by a lot of other inputs in the path).


Hi guys, I thought I’d have a crack today at combo into U2.

What I’ve been doing is :hp: :f: :d: :df: :uf: :3k: :uf: :3k:

So I’m teleporting after the HP then going into U2.

Now are you guys using teleport or hiding the other “Ups” in normal animations?



Isn’t it all written in plain text in the previous posts ?
Not sure what you mean here.


Definately have to say good stuff on finding a reliable shortcut for this. Theres so many beneficial applications for this its not even funny.

Some examples of how I’ve been using it in matches and the damage totals;
CH, cr.mkxxU2 = 430
CH, fs.rh, = 456
Fs.rh, = 435, cr.jab, cr.mpxxU2 = 351 (361 off two cr.jabs) Add 46 damage to either, if you start with a fierce jump-in, 16 for a medium, but dont use a light, youll lose damage. fireballxx FADC cr.mkxxu2 = 421 damage
cr.mkxxU2 = 397

Its really good meterless damage, leads into safejumps and demonflip mixups, and buffs akumas CH and mid range game. The key to executing this is not by trying to rush the input but instead focus on hitting your diagonals. You’ll find that with this method, the link window is actually pretty fair.


That’s true, no rushing, and clean diags.
Anyway I’m still having a hard time doing it with cr.MK, feels like the window is tight unlike cr.MP. Practice sessions planned though.
And that’s training mode only. I’m not yet godlike like you guyz ^^


I had issues with too but after some lab time I got it consistently. The key for me was not waiting to see the Which is exactly why ill do a jump back roundhouse when I mess up because I anticipate the button coming out and miss time it.

Right now I have the same troubles as you when I’m one frame linking into I wait to see if I got the link into to do the motion and I’m usually late. I have to know its gonna work and commit.


Man, seeing Infiltration and Tokido rip out into U2 so often these days makes me think there’s potentially something more going on.

I don’t dare cancel from - I find it way too fickle. c(s).hp xx tele U2 all day - but No thanks.

#17 U2 is a piece of cake after cr.lp , but is another timing and makes it so much harder.
You really need to work that diag motions a lot, then putting it inside a confirm is another long work session. Then after there’s still the far HK confirm to work on. But it’s worth it when you have nothing else to work on anyway. Looks so badass when you do it in a match.


Gam it’s not that hard once you get the motion down. I hit it online and offline with high consistency. Honestly the key is hitting your diagonals and then trying to hit 3k just before you hit the last diagonal.

The biggest hurdle for me is hitting it after one frame links. Trust me if you can get past the execution barrier the benefits are tremendous. 430+ damage guaranteed, meterless. And in all honesty I prefer cr.mkxxu2 over cr.mpxxu2. I feel the timing is a it easier.


all the job is done by the left hand in fact. it’s very personal. I still struggle to do left dashes and SRK from down position after low attack to the left after 3 years of practice. SO maybe motions tips aren’t that helpful for everyone. You gona find your own best ways.


It’s all about finding the direction you’re comfortable with going to. If you’re, speaking from 1p side, more consistent/confident going to uf, db, uf than going ub, df, ub then do that.