Another cancel Ultra 2 input I found to be easier



[s]Quick Query: I keep getting inconsistent damage numbers for cs.HP xx tele xx U2. Sometimes I get 437 and other times I will get 401, 420.

Any ideas guys?

EDIT: just got 409, 375 and 391 after writing this post. [/s]

Don’t worry! All solved! Every time I landed the combo, I restarted and then walked forward and didn’t allow the ultra meter to refill before attempting the combo again. Silly me!


Thanks for this Shabrout. You’re that dude.


Nice thread guys! I guess I keep to ultra 1… it’s pretty hard to that motion on a ps3 pad


After a month playing Ryu, Zangief, Guile, I lost a lot of my exec with Akuma. This can happens to everyone. I had a session in training room tonigh for this cancel U2 and I wasted a lot of time trying hard to make my hand faster to finally found a better solution. A solution that applies to a lot of other thing than cancel U2 but I tend to forget this one.

Stop hurting this gate with the stick and shorten the moves smoothly.
By focusing only to : NOT PUSH THE STICK ALL THE WAY UP for the first :ub: it’s way easier to hit clean the :df:, saves time also and made my day for this cancel to finally be fast enough to connect.

Maybe this will turn some lights on for you too, who knows.


Anyone having trouble with this? I really am. I can get the U2 to come out but can’t get it to combo in with the CR.MP. The dummy blocks every time and when it doesn’t the U2 only gives me a 2 hit combo. If the MP were being registered properly I’d get a 3 hit, right?


yes and this will take a while to master. Typical for everything new, and that need so much dexterity. See ya in a month.


Yea I still can’t do it.


Maybe try pokemon games.


can’t do it after 6 days? It’s gonna take a lot of practice than that bud.


OK I was trying this today and it took a while and then became easier as I started to focus more on my hand movements relative to each other and speed.

  1. As Shabrout had mentioned (to me I think), most of the work is done with the stick in the left hand.
    That’s where you should focus your thoughts.

I do this version of the inputs, regardless of which side I’m on. I think it’s the quickest, most efficient way to do it.
:df: + cr. :mp:, :ub:, :df:, :ub: + :3k: x2

  1. As soon as you press the :df: + cr. :mp: you have to focus on the left hand performing :ub:, :df:, :ub: as quickly as humanly possible.
    I like to imagine that after I have pressed cr. :mp: I have to complete the rest of the movements before the medium punch has recovered - which I guess is true because you are canceling into U2. It’s just extremely fast buffering.

I just kept doing it over and over, faster and faster, until it started working.

Drink a lot of caffeine. It’s quite the work out!

PS. At this stage I just kind of mash the :3k: so it shows up about 3x in my inputs.


Thanks for going over this guys. What finger do you use to double tap the 3 kicks button? Or do you guys use/ double tap the all three kick buttons like the guys in the arcades in Japan? Because I am so used to plinking sweep with all three kicks right after its hard for me two quick and consecutive all kicks inputs that way.


My 4th button is unassigned for kicks and punches. I use all three buttons instead.

But if you use the 4th button I would just do what’s comfortable. After all it’s the last button you will press before it goes into the Ultra animation.


Seems tough to double tap all three kick buttons but I guess you got used to it.


It’s not a true “double tap” it’s just pressing all three twice in quick succession.


After 3 years and a half playing with 6 buttons, I finally tried to use kkk tonight in my U2 drills.
Damn… That shit is at cheating level how easy it is now to avoid dropping my U2 cancels.

8 buttons for life now…