Another CapCom Mistake? (Counter-Hit Fox Tail)



Was just reading the USF4 Street Fighter 4 Bible’s bits about Decapre and found this:

“It’s also possible to do this attack (Fox Tail) early on an enemy’s wakeup so that it hits meaty on a late active frame, which opens the door for a link into cr. lp. Oddly this attack does not gain a counter-hit frame advantage bonus, so it doesn’t gain extra potential in that case.”

First of all, I had no idea about being able to link it into cr. lp off a meaty hit, so that’s epic… but about not gaining counter-hit frame advantage bonus, do they do that with some moves intentionally? Or did they screw this up? My knowledge doesn’t go tooooooooo deep but I was under the impression every move had a frame advantage on counter-hit… was playing around a while ago in training mode with counter-hit on and was wondering why I couldn’t link it into anything!


my break down of how fox tail works.


… or of how fox tail doesn’t work xD

lol good stuff glad you posted that there


Frame advantage on counterhit is not universal, though it is mostly uniform.

Lots of overheads are geared to not gain much, if any, frame advantage on counterhit, either by hitting twice, by having odd frame data like Abel’s’s, or by just never being comboable into anything ever in the first place.


Also, just found this :open_mouth:


you won’t have charge for super so it doesn’t matter.


Right, derp, dammit :’(


what app is this?


frame assistant tool


Usf4 frame and tool assist. A good app.


They should make her overhead buffer cancelable into super lol


Hmm something doesn’t add up. I could hit df mk into cr mk hands when I turned counter hit on in training on crouching Abel but when I turned it off I could not. I had to be absolutely max range. I could hit lp both ways.


you can link off of it if you hit it meaty