Another Capture card question T_T

Ok I checked the back of my PC and I saw this slot I never seen before. I remember getting my PC sent away because I was having some trouble with it and the store installed a new ATI card for me, but back then I never knew nothin about computers. But today I saw this slot on the back of my PC. You can see it in this pic:

Its the slot on the bottom, the one that says “video” above it. I was wondering what the hell is it for!? o_0

Appreciate any help :wgrin:

S-video, in your case more than likely it’s s-video out.

Whats it do o_0

Outputs a video signal. In practice it’s clearer than standard RCA (the round yellow, white and red plugs) but not as good as newer methods, like component video, vga, dvi, hdmi, etc etc.

Basically you could use this to hook your computer up to a television or a monitor, instead of the standard vga or dvi.

S Video is just another type of Video out. A lot of higher end TVs before the HD revolution used them. It’s a step up from RCA. You find them on a lot of Video cards so you can send a signal out to your TV.

Thanks for the info!