Another character choice thread (SSF4)

You’ve probably seen these before, but I need help with picking a character in SSF4. I don’t really like pure rushdown characters like Cammy or Makoto, but at the same time I don’t like heavy zoners like Dhalsim or Sagat.

What I like are characters who are slow but powerful, able to do big damage with relatively few hits, and good range on their attacks. If anyone here has ever played Marvel vs Capcom or BlazBlue, characters like Hulk and Sentinel, and Hakumen are a perfect example of what I’m looking for.

The problem is, while most people don’t seem to think this is important, for me, the most crucial aspect of all is being able to actually like who I play as a character. No matter how much I like their playstyle, I absolutely cannot play someone if I just don’t like them. And of the few people who fit my style, almost all of them (Honda, Zangief, Hakan, possibly Balrog) I absolutely hate as characters. The only possible exception would be T. Hawk, but since he’s really a grappler I’m still not sure if he’d fit.

Do you think T. Hawk would work after all, or is there someone who I overlooked?

Abel, he’s somewhat fast, not a pure rushdown, but has those nice rekka combo moves, good combo into utlra 1, grappler with good mixups, he pretty good. Has his bad matchups too, but you may want to give him a thought.

Abel doesn’t have the fastest walkspeed in the game, but he has the second fastest dash in the game (right after Chun). F+MK gets him close and can combo for 300-350 without meter, or it can be canceled into ultra. His command throw (TT) and his air grab (FS) both have easy 50-50 mix-ups: dash (or backdash) and roll; lk in front and mk in back. His normals have pretty decent range. Might as well try him.

Choose someone that looks cool

Try Zangief or T-Hawk…they seem to fit your style.

Gouken somewhat reminds me of Hakumen, so he might be worth checking out.

The only way to find out if T. Hawk is for you is to actually play him yourself. No one can tell you who is right for you; we can only recommend. Like the other guys said, you may want to try Abel as well.
Something to point out though, if you can’t find a character you like both aesthetically and according to their play style, then that is simply 1.) The game itself not satisfying your needs in regards to aesthetics/play-style or 2.) You being too picky (or both).
As you start to get deeper in the game, (this is from my point of view and experience of course) you will eventually become dulled by the aesthetic. Similar to listening to a song or looking at a pretty picture over a long period of time, it simply gets old. If you want to find that “perfect” character for you, I’d recommend you focus more on the characters style of play more over their aesthetics. Of course we all want to find that character we like to play because they are both fun and they look cool, but a lot of the time, we just can’t find that “perfect” character and so we can only work with what we have.
However, if you feel that the aesthetics of a character are so important and crucial to your gameplay, than I honestly feel you (and all the other people alike) will only get so far in said game just because of that mentality. You simply have to get over the fact that you’re playing as a fat sumo wrestler and worry more on how YOU can improve YOUR game with said play style (or character) rather than how Capcom should make better looking characters.
On the other end, if you really wanted to play a character that you like just because of their looks, then make it work. Simple as that. There are people you play the characters that they play because they are just so “cool” to them and nothing else matters…and their good. This can also open you up to other playstyles that you may like. By playing different characters who play differently, you will also improve your own abilities in other aspects of the game. If you usually play turtle and pick up a rushdown character, you may learn how to better improve your offense by learn to find holes in your opponent, baiting them into doing certain things, controlling space, etc. I have seen rushdown Balrogs, Sagats, and Hondas. When you learn to better apply your tools and even create new ones, the possibilities become seemingly endless.
To wrap it up, it all comes down to how much you want to commit yourself to the game and how you balance and sacrifice your values accordingly; it’s a personal journey.

Really? Gouken has a counter, but otherwise I don’t really see it. He strikes me as someone who just sit back and zone with fireballs like Sagat.

As for the other two, I actually have played T. Hawk a little, just not sure if I wanted to stick with him in the long run. I guess I can try him and Abel out a little more…

Might want to try Bison. Pretty simple combos and such

Dudley has been described as Zangief with combos. Give him a try!

Lots and lots of threads made about this… shit, even I’ve made one. But it’s always down to the player, we could all sit here telling you who you might like, but who’s to know you’ll like them? Hit training mode/trial mode and play characters you like the look of, then take them online. Usually a character will stand out to you, and try and take them from there. By the sounds of it however, you should try out these;
Those 3 are extremely heavy hitting with hardly any combos needed, with the exception of Cody, who still dishes out amazing damage with very small combos.

I’d be willing to give you some games if you wanted someone to try some characters out on, probably better if you’re from Europe
XBL - II Enix II

If you find you like a playstyle, but not the character themselves, try them anyway; if you end up getting a lot of success with them, the character may just end up growing on you.

This post is making it sound like I should just drop Street Fighter all together. I can see the point you’re making, but character aesthetics are truly important to me. And now that I think about it, I wouldn’t want to ever play like a third of the entire cast just because I hate them…

Let’s count! Adon, Balrog, Blanka, Cody, Dee Jay, E. Honda, El Fuerte, Fei Long, Guile, Hakan, Rufus, Yun, Zangief. 13 out of 39 characters, exactly one third. Jesus, I really am picky…

But then, I really prefer the slower, technical feel of SF to the combo/execution heavy style of Marvel and BB/GG. But SF seems to be the only real fighter that has that style (other than maybe SSB, but that game is just impossible to get into competitively, between the dying community and the absolute lack of a usable online.) Oh, what to do…

That’s 26 character you don’t hate. Pick one of those ones.

I think this is the best possible advice. And play with a handful of characters; whittling them down as you go. Looking at my sig, you’d think I was crazy; that’s a large group of characters for SF. But I’m whittling it down to a handful that I can really enjoy playing and fit my style, like I did in BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. I’m finding my zone, and carving out a spot for myself in AE’s kinda-vast landscape.

try gen. his style sound right up your alley.

try Abel or T. Hawk.

Play Gen. He is the most versatile character in the game.

try dudditz, hes not really big in body size, but his punish combo has sick damage and last forever.

T. Hawk would be EXCELLENT. You can spend all day just poking your opponent and still win in a very dominating fashion. If you score a knockdown, the high-damage options continue to grow.