Another character crisis

With AE 2012 out, I want to give SF4 another chance, but like the title says, I’m having a character dilemma again. I’ve made a thread like this before, but the problem is still there.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to characters, it’s really important that I like their aesthetic and character. I usually like female characters, good looking or sexy male characters (Vega, …um, Guy? God, this game’s male characters are hideous) or cute characters (Sakura, Ibuki). Pretty much all of the characters I like are pixie types (pixie rushdown or pixie zoners). The problem is that I hate playing pixies.

When it comes to playstyle, I’m the complete opposite. I feel comfortable with slow-moving defensive tanks. Characters like Honda, Balrog, maybe Sagat or Gouken? But I don’t actually like any of those at all. T. Hawk is okay, but I’m still just not really into him, and I’m not as much into pure grapplers anyway. I always have to make some sort of compromise, and in the end never truly enjoy any character.

Is there anyone who fits both of those types that I simply overlooked? Even mostly? (Like, one of my favorite characters in Marvel is Hsien-ko, while she does low damage and has low health, she still fits my style for the most part.)

Try Seth. He’s a mix of everything.

Try Dhalsim… hes sexy (!) and slow-moving defensive.

Juri would fit the bill for a good looking female that isn’t pure rushdown and can be played pretty defensively.
Chun-Li even moreso based on zoning, but those thighs don’t really count as cute.
Cody is the best looking male and can also be played rather defensively.
Guile/DJ are more or less okay I guess.

Ordered in how I’d guess you’d like them.