Another Crappy Vid - Opinion Please

Having watched the Magic of Alioune Video (Cammy) and the Balrog TACV from Sonic Hurricane I had an incredible urge to just not play any matches and go to the Training Room only, anyone else get that kind of urge when they see all that sort of shinanigans?

Ultimately I hit the training room and just flipped the record button to see what I could think of and, well, like always, I couldn’t think of much :shake:

Also, OH/CancelFACrumples from Balrog aren’t anything new but I’m wondering of the viability of… Well, for the sake of giving it a description, meaty Focus Attacks (Probably no such thing in reality).


You get the idea from the first two segments… I mean, it’s not as predictable or obvious as just walking up and prepping a naked FA on their wakeup and even if they tech the knockdown you have it charged to Level3 pretty quick. The only issue I see with it is a wasted 2 bars if they don’t get up quick in which you’d need to just dash back/forward and thats the end of that as otherwise you’ll Lv3FA thin air and eat a punish. Let’s not forget the fact that it requires a focus crumple to begin with… Well, it’s not like I was going for viability or some gamebreaking combo but it’d be nice to think of it as a potential workaround to turtles trying to play the lame game?

Other than that I was just experimenting and practicing in general but I really wanted to work on my 1f Links a bit (I don’t plink or anything, using a Keyboard which makes it awkward) as I’m kinda tired of looking back at my matches and seeing myself resort ONLY to typical jab BnB’s…

For those who may not have seen the TACV Balrog Biweekly, you can find it here:


Must Watch.

That stuff is cool and all but it’s all useless for serious play.


It’s about trying new things and having fun with the character… In my case it’s trying old things because I can’t think of new things >.>
Either way, yeah, check the Biweekly, those aren’t done with viability in mind, I’m just lolling around in Training mode after seeing it trying to improve my play a little with execution and maybe a few new ideas.

I enjoyed the video. I hope you get an xbox and super at some point in our life time.

It’s looking doubtful but in reality SF4 is the go-to game when I’m not playing WoW. I’m sure if I had an XBox/PS2/3 and SUPER I’d have more reason to pump more time into SF4 than I do now but as it stands I can’t really afford forking out for a console so unless I finally move in with my other-half (who, ironically, wants an XBox) then I’ll be sticking to Vanilla SF4 for a few hours a week.

Glad you enjoyed it anyways, was just me practicing, though I still look at the first two clips and wonder about how useful the Lv3FA on their wakeup would be - If an opponent doesn’t react in time (and considering how less noticeable it is as a cancel rather than a naked FA) I wager it could be a possible decent option against players who know only too well how hard it is for Rog to get needed damage in when they have a lifelead thanks to having no reliable overhead.

You can do a meaty FA, but it is kinda useless, since if they backdash, they avoid it altogether, and you can’t dash cancel. Also it only has two active frames so it being meaty doesn’t increase it’s combo potential, and its startup really telegraphs. And not to mention that lvl 2/3 crumple stun so frame advantage is a non-issue there. But an FA bait into a backdash/forward dash is interesting, since if they backdashed, and you forward dash, depending on the ranges, you would definitely recover before them since forward dashes are generally faster than backdashes.

get an xbox asap. :slight_smile:

st.jab to headbutt? But hao!
That is an awesome video there and those combo’s are sick, especially the reset after the, might try after a stun in game.

(To people who say it’s not viable in a game, who cares? Creativity is the key here and possible in a game or not doesn’t make it useless. I would rather watch a decent combo video tbh than a game where two people play footsies all game and the timer runs down.)

Level 3 FA mixup is good imo and is something I prob would go for in a tournament situation depending on how the match is going. It’s one of those things that you can only do once in a match so if you are doing a lot of Un-techable knockdowns and then moving forward back dash or walk back to bait out reversals and you see no response to this then I think this may work in a match. I think at high level play however you will most likely get punished for it depending on the person and the character that they are using.

For instance whenever I get knocked down I always look for U1 as an option if the opponent uses a move with enough frames for me to punish it so when you play players like that you have to think like hrmmmmmmmmm will I lose the entire match because of this.

Thanks all for the comments and posts so far.
Aye if I’m ever in a position to buy an XBox I will and SF4 will be No.1 game.

@3nigmat1c: Fair point, I didn’t really think of backdash as a defense against it.

@Faz: It’s actually extremely easy to do. My personal favourite (On, for example, dizzy or crumple) is close standing forward (MK) into Headbutt, does more damage and I assume more stun than a typical CMP(Strong) into Headbutt and can also be combo’d into from a CJab if you wanted to do something funny like jumping RH,CJab,CSMK,Headbutt.

@PoeM: I’m not all that good with reaction Ultras (except for punishing obvious moves like fierce SRK). I’ve had Guiles constantly doing sweep on me and knowing I can Ultra between the kicks I still find it hard to do consistantly, this might be because I play on 20FPS and things seem less noticeable… Still, whole point of me being on SRK & Making vids like this is to learn and improve so I’ll get there in time.

Nice video, always fun to see what you’ll come up with next :slight_smile: